How Can I Stay Lean Over the Holidays?


Eat until you’re are satisfied and NOT stuffed. Know the difference, as one is healthy and the other the other one gets you enough extra pounds to drag you off the wagon

The holiday season is just around the corner, and for better or for worse, the whiff of its many sinfully indulgent flavours is already in the air. As every year passing year proves, a season of many festivities is a season of much food – some say too much food. The National Institute of Health reports that the holidays often result to an extra pound or two every year. So how do we stay in shape during the holidays? Is it even possible to begin with?

YES! It is possible to stay in shape! Here are seven simple things that can help you stay in shape during the long decadent holiday.

1. Don’t expect to lose weight during the holidays. Be realistic: this way you won’t end up stuffing your face out of sheer disappointment of not being able to lose a pound or two in the middle of all the festive eating that surrounds you. While it is extremely difficult to lose weight during the holidays, it is very manageable to keep and maintain your pre-holiday weight, and that is what you should go for. This way, after the holiday has passed, you can get hit the gym again in good shape and condition.

2. Never skip meals and never starve yourself especially if you are planning to go to a party. Party means food, party during the holiday means even more food. This means that there is a very high possibility that you will be tempted to over-indulge and stuff yourself out. Apart from never skipping your meals, among the most effective ways to avoid over-indulging is to eat light snacks before heading out to a party. Eating food that come light in calories like a piece of raw vegetable or fruits, nuts, string cheese, or whole grain crackers can very much curb your hunger and lessen your urge to stuff yourself out with holiday flavors.

3. Always eat with your eyes first. Before you dig in, survey the buffet table first then start on filling your plate starting with your favorite foods. This way, you can save yourself from a few more calories by keeping away from your less favorite flavors. When filling your plate, always remember to include a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables just to keep your fill light on the calorie meter. If you are up to it, it is also a good idea to start munching on seafood and raw vegetables just curb your appetite. Also, always remember to never ever build food towers. Don’t be that person who stacks up food on the plate, who eats the night away, instead of actually enjoying the party.

4. Eat to satisfy and NOT to stuff yourself out. Know the difference, as one is healthy and the other the other one gets you enough extra pounds to expand your waistline an inch or two. Indulge but don’t overdo it. There’s no sense in keeping yourself away from your favorite holiday flavors, after all, the holiday is not without the flavours that make us happy. Just remember to serve yourself small portions and then eat slowly.

caution holiday eating

When attending a party, try to keep your focus on your friends and on the conversation and NOT on the food.

5. Drink responsibly. Yes, drink responsibly. Especially during the holidays. Alcoholic drinks are known to effortlessly lessen your inhibitions. One minute, you are carefully watching every piece of food that you put in your plate, thoughtfully surveying the buffet table for the healthy stuff. Then after a few glasses of fine liquor, you are scarfing down a decadent chocolate cake like bite-size marshmallows. Non-alcoholic beverages, on the other hand, are mostly loaded with a ridiculous amount of calories and sugar. So go easy on the sugary juices and soda beverages as well.

However, if you’re really planning on drinking all night, try mixing club soda to your favourite alcoholic brew. This way, you can still drink all night without being totally vulnerable to that big chunk decadent black forest cake on the table.

6. While enjoying holiday flavours is healthy, try not to focus on food all day and all night long. Enjoy other activities to truly celebrate the spirit of the holiday. Make time for non-edible endeavors like making holiday decorations, or shopping for the holiday. When attending a party, try to keep your focus on your friends and on the conversation and NOT on the food.

7. Beware of the dips and sauces. Contrary to how you see them, these are not just condiments but actual food that come with actual calories. Case in point, a tablespoon of creamy salad dressing typically contains 80 calories, a spoonful of mayonnaise has 100 calories, and singe spoon of ranch dressing also has 100 calories.

Good luck and happy holidays!

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