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Getting that body that you’ve always wanted for might be nearer with iForce Dexaprine. It’s the fastest, safest and most effective weight loss supplement in the market. However, you read that right, it’s only a supplement, despite the incredible energy it supplies. It’s not something that you can take alone and think your entire world is going to change forever.

In fact, if you keep on indulging in bad habits such as a poor diet plan, then even iForce Dexaprine will be hard pressed to help you. We’re willing to admit that because we don’t work for iForce Nutrition, nor is this website owned by, employed by, or affiliated with them in any way. We want you to do things right – and Dexaprine is …

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Dexaprine Original Formula is Still Here… For a Limited Time!

Looking for the original Dexaprine? Thanks to the folks over at PricePlow, there’s one store that still seems to have it!!

The Original Ingredient Label

This is the one that reads as follows:
Nutrition Facts †
Serving Size 1 Caplet
Servings Per Container 60

Amount Per Serving Serving % DV
Dexaprine Tri-Phase Ignition System 650 mg –

Thermophoric Amine Mood Enhancement Complex: Citrus Aurantium(30% active amines), 1,3 Dimethylpentylamine. Extended Release Energy Complex: Caffeine Anyhydrous, Green Tea Extract (Standardized for Theophylline)Anabolic Protein Synthesis Enhancing Complex:3,3’ Diiodo L Thryonine (200mcg), 3,5 Diiodo L Thyronine (100mcg)

If that’s what you’re looking for, see the Price Comparison widget below to get it! But no guarantees here — once they sell out, it’s basically gone for good!…

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Dexaprine XR

It keeps on getting better and better! iForce Nutrition is not resting on its laurels as they continue to create and improve their product line. Dexaprine has a new formulation again that’s guaranteed to keep you burning the fat and working out hard to gain muscle. Last year, iForce Nutrition complied with new findings and regulations on DMAA and created Dexaprine V2. This year, they’re churning out a better version with Dexaprine XR!

What Dexaprine XR has that Dexaprine V2 Doesn’t Have

Admittedly, there has been slight confusion about Dexaprine XR and Dexaprine V2. Both of them don’t have DMAA that’s found on the original Dexaprine. What’s more, they both have the same ingredients. Still, the formulation, ratio and percentages of the extracts and ingredients …

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Fasting for Fat Loss

Fasting is a type of diet management wherein you spend long periods of low intake or no intake of food at all. This type of diet management generally gained negative reception after all the news about eating disorders. However in recent months, fasting for fat loss is slowly coming back into the fitness world.

Fasting to help Burn Fat

When it was the public enemy of the fitness world, people avoided it for good reasons. Uncontrolled fasting leads to muscle wasting. It can also become an eating disorder leading to Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. These two are NOT your friends in weight loss. Anorexia and Bulimia can lead to a lot of complications and may even cause death.

Why is Fasting Popular Right Now?…

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Tropinol + Dexaprine Stack

iForce Nutrition continues to pump out the best supplements that contain a lot of powerful yet natural herbal extracts with top ingredients to give you the boost you need. The best part with their products is their capability to create the powerful stacks. Dexaprine and Tropinol are already powerful supplements individually, but stack them together and the two will give your body the best weapon for blasting fat and pumping up muscle.

The Dexaprine + Tropinol Stack

Just like any stack, you should be aiming for synchronicity. Unknown to most bodybuilders and athletes, sometimes their stack contain counteracting supplements. If you’ve got a supplement that suppresses Alpha receptors, then don’t get a supplement that activates them! In addition, some supplements actually have the same ingredients; …

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It’s not just enough to be a natural testosterone booster. If the product happens to have zero effect, its money wasted! iForce Nutrition has answered with Tropinol. It’s not just a “booster” – it actually has a testosterone activation system with a blend of ingredients that not only “boost” but actually activate the production and release of the hormone!

The Quest for Testosterone and How Tropinol Finished It

Testosterone boosters allegedly increase the production of the hormonem which is a good thing. The most common ingredient right now is D-Aspartic-Acid. It’s cheap and can increase testosterone to up to 40%. The studies don’t lie; it does increase the hormone at the mentioned rate. But is this really enough? The average male produces an average of …

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Dexaprine FAQ – Common Questions

Just getting started on Dexaprine or investigating the possibilities and don’t know what to choose? Here are some common questions – answered!

What is Dexaprine?

It’s an ingenious weight loss product by iForce Nutrition specifically designed to target and burn unwanted and unnecessary fat at a faster rate while improving both energy production and output. As compared to most weight loss products that are available in the market, Dexaprine contains twice as much power as it offers the perfect 1-2 combo, so to speak.

First, a unique formula targets and burns fat at a faster rate. Then, as its fat loss ingredients actively lean the body out, energy enhancing ingredients stimulate the release of incredible amounts of energy that help the body engage more intense …

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How Can I Stay Lean Over the Holidays?

The holiday season is just around the corner, and for better or for worse, the whiff of its many sinfully indulgent flavours is already in the air. As every year passing year proves, a season of many festivities is a season of much food – some say too much food. The National Institute of Health reports that the holidays often result to an extra pound or two every year. So how do we stay in shape during the holidays? Is it even possible to begin with?

YES! It is possible to stay in shape! Here are seven simple things that can help you stay in shape during the long decadent holiday.

1. Don’t expect to lose weight during the holidays. Be realistic: this way you …

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Diet and Workout Maintenance

Keeping yourself in shape is not hard work. Well, to be honest, it kinda is. But to be even more honest, it shouldn’t be.

Sure, burying yourself in your couch in front of the TV while stuffing your face with a big bag of chips sounds way easier than actually working out, but is it really? When all day along, all you can think of is how rewarding it must be to be crushing your workouts in the gym. Or how liberating it must feel to be running a few kilometres outside, wind against your face, taking in a refreshing change of scenery that you have always needed. What’s exhausting is never knowing, never getting to experience these things just because you are too afraid, …

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Why Cardio Isn’t Necessary for Weight Loss

Cardio workouts are among the most excellent forms of physical conditioning. When done in the right way, low steady state cardio, i.e. brisk walking and jogging, gets your heart rate up safely and easily. More often than not, these cardio workouts do not put too much physical stress on your body, allowing you to perform these workouts with much more frequency. For people who hit the streets or the mountains, running on a slow steady state is a form of stress release or active rest. While cardio workouts allow you to enjoy better physical conditioning, it’s another story when it comes to the much-dreaded talk of weight loss.

First, the figures. As much as consistent cardio training is crucial in getting the heart rate up …

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