Dexaprine Ingredients

Weight Loss… Safe and Efficient. This page is dedicated to the Dexaprine V2 Ingredients – not the original formula, but the one that is out now (starting in mid-2012).

Before we get technical on you, some basics on what these ingredients do:

  • Just one pill a day for 12 hours of non-stop energy!
  • Blast hunger pangs away!
  • Feel good, do good!
  • Targets only fat and not hard earned muscle!

By now you have probably heard of this incredible fat burner made by iForce Nutrition. A few years ago, iForce introduced it to the bodybuilding world. Just by the samples sent out to eager bodybuilders, it became known as the most effective (and intense) fat burner on the market. Just one pill compared to leading brands, and iForce has stood above them all since they introduced it into the market. Still, iForce didn’t stop there. Constantly, they’ve been improving their products. Only one product could surpass v1 – and that’s v2 (version 2), discussed here!

The Dexaprine Tri-Phase Ignition System

This system is comprised of several ingredients under three main complexes.

  1. Thermophoric Amine Mood Enhancement Complex:
    • Acacia Rigidula Extract (98%)
    • Citrus Aurantium (30% active amines)
  2. Extended Release Energy Complex:
  3. Alpha-2 Adrenergic Activation Complex:

Definitely sounds intimidating, but it’s all natural stuff. So if you want to know more (and you do!), then read on.

Dexaprine Ingredients for 12 hours of unlimited Energy

Dexaprine still remains as the best pill that unleashes your body’s maximum potential. You might wonder how one small pill can evoke and increase in energy and maintain it for 12 hours. Most stimulants out there include sugar or other sources of energy such as protein and carbs in their dosages. iForce Nutrition did the opposite. Instead of putting a lot of energy into a pill, they made Dexaprine powerful enough to release stored energy in our body. And when we say stored energy, these are the FAT STORES in our body!

Unknown to most bodybuilders, fats contain more energy per gram compared to carbohydrates! You can drink one glass or 240ml of carbohydrates and 240 ml of stored body fat can still provide more energy! A gram of fat can contain up to 9 kilocal or kilojoules of energy compared to the 4 kilocal or kilojoules for one gram of carbohydrates.

What are the Dexaprine Ingredients in the Extended Release Energy Complex?

As previously stated, any form of stress can make your body release energy from fats. That’s because any form of stress makes your body release several hormones that help make your body use fat as energy. These hormones are norepinephrine, epinephrine, glucagon and adrenaline. There are many more hormones that can help the burning of fats but these are the main players. Unfortunately, the more you are exposed to stress, the less amount of fat burning hormones are released!

That’s why iForce Nutrition included the following Dexaprine ingredients:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous
  • Green Tea Extracts

These two pack a powerful punch! Separately they already give you great boost of energy. Among the two, Caffeine is popular and known. Theophylline is a relatively new energy releasing compound.

Dexaprine Ingredient: Just a Bit of Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine Naturally found in Coffee Beans

Let’s start with Caffeine Anhydrous. It’s no surprise that something extracted from a popular beverage is in Dexaprine. After all, iForce Nutrition uses real food sources and plants for a safe and efficient weight loss. Caffeine anhydrous is found in coffee. Caffeine in coffee contains about 8% moisture or water. Anhydrous just means that water is removed giving a form of Caffeine with only 0.5% water. The natural extraction of caffeine from the roasted coffee beans gives Caffeine Anhyrdous its white powdery form. Caffeine can stimulate the body to release several hormones and adrenaline is one of them. Adrenaline makes the body dissolve fat so that they are available to be used as energy!

Once the caffeine reaches the liver to be metabolized, three metabolites are formed and course through the body. These metabolites are as powerful if not more powerful than Caffeine Anhydrous!

NOTE: Caffeine anhydrous might not be for everyone which is why iForce Nutrition only has a moderate dosage of this. Don’t worry though, other ingredients found in Dexaprine will more than make up for this low dose.

Dexaprine Ingredient: Green Tea Extract Theophylline

dexaprine ingredients

Green Tea – A Source of Theophylline

The second ingredient is Theophylline. This naturally occurring ingredient is found in Green Tea. Theophylline acts on cells by increase the cAMP or intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate. cAMP helps the cells make use of glucagon and adrenaline. If you want to increase a fat burning hormone in your body then focus on glucagon. It’s the hormone that tells the adipose tissues to release their fat stores! Usually, glucagon is released when you are going through periods of starvation or stress. Now you don’t need to be placed in stressful conditions just to get energy from your adipose tissues.

Between Caffeine Anhydrous and Theophylline in iForce Dexaprine, you’re guaranteed a supply of energy from your own fat stores.

Now on to other iFoce Dexaprine Ingredients.

Dexaprine Ingredients in Thermophoric Amine Mood Enhancement Complex

These are actually two attributes of Dexaprine under this complex. Some of the ingredients deal with raising your body temperature making you sweat a lot. The rest of the ingredients provide you with stimulation to make you last longer and feel good while losing weight at the same time.

Dexaprine Ingredient: Thermogenesis with Citrus aurantium Extract

Immature fruits Citrus Aurantium

Immature fruits of Citrus Aurantium – Extracts iForce Dexaprine

There are several ingredients in Dexaprine that can cause a rise of body temperature. Actually, your body temperature isn’t affected directly as if something hot is flowing in your blood vessels. Dexaprine stimulates your metabolism using extracts mainly from Citrus aurantium.

You might have heard of the word “metabolism” from so many supplements now but few have actually explained what it is and why body temperature is important.

Metabolism is actually the balance of anabolism and catabolism in your body.

Catabolism isn’t usually described in many supplement labels. However this doesn’t mean it’s not important. It actually is a good indicator if you’re going to lose or gain muscle mass! Catabolism occurs when your body is excessively using too much energy or if you’re not eating enough food. Your cells start dying or basically, won’t divide to repair your tissue organs. You can call this muscle wasting if you notice that your losing weight because you lost muscle mass!

Now on to Anabolism. Many of you might be familiar with this word. Basically, anabolism means your body is undergoing cellular growth and repair. Your body or specifically your cells continually divide to repair your organs. This process consumes a lot of energy and when you consume energy your body temperature raises a bit. Therefore, when your body is on Anabolism over Catabolism your body gets a little hotter.

This is why most scientists use body temperature to gage metabolism. Most studies measure body temperature and a higher body temperature means you are in an anabolic phase! A higher temperature also means your body will be able to process proteins and fat effectively.

There are several Dexaprine ingredients that increase metabolism. Most of them are found in the extract of Citrus aurantium and other ingredients. These ingredients promote thermogenesis:

  • Synephrine
  • Methysynephrine
  • N-Methyltyramine
  • Octopamine (Isopropyl)

These are powerful ingredients that can push your body to Anabolic mode!

Dexaprine Ingredients: Acacia rigidula for Mood Enhancement

Acacia rigidula

Acacia rigidula – Natural Source of Phenylethylamine (PEA) and Synephrine

You might be wondering why iForce Nutrition is adding mood enhancers to Dexaprine. The answer lies simply by the fact that an increased metabolism has nowhere to go except DOWN. It’s not okay for your body to be always on high metabolism. Once your metabolism drops, so does your mood.

Sometimes your body kicks into high gear via “adrenaline rush”. This is where your body metabolism goes into overdrive to address a stressful situation. These situations could be due to life crisis, exercise and stimulants. Your body will start dissolving fat and glycogen to feed your body specifically your muscles. You’ll find yourself being able to move faster, think faster and perform almost superhuman feats.

After the rush comes the “adrenaline crash”. This is what Dexaprine is trying to prevent. Symptoms of Adrenaline Crash include the following:

  • Tiredness
  • Weakness
  • Drowsiness
  • Depression
  • Hunger pangs

Adrenaline Crash is not Pretty

I’ll be honest about some Dexaprine ingredients, there are several stimulants that can kick your body into adrenaline rush. These can be found in extracts like Citrus aurantium, Green tea and Rauwolscine Serpentina. Adrenaline crash is a normal occurrence that allows your body to rest after a stressful event. However, you don’t want to crash HARD.

This is why iForce Nutrition included Acacia rigidula extracts into each Dexaprine pill. They were aiming for Phenethylamine or PEA to help athletes and bodybuilders land gently during a crash. PEA isn’t actually a new compound. You’ve been probably eating it as a kid.

PEA is commonly found in chocolates and Acacia trees. As a mood enhancer it can give you a nice feeling for a few hours. However, PEA is metabolized quickly so iForce Nutrition used Acacia rigidula extracts instead. In fact, Acacia rigidula extracts have several compounds that can prevent the early metabolization of PEA. There are also several PEA homologues that LASTS LONGER in your body giving you a good feeling for a good 8 hours!

Dexaprine Ingredients Acacia rigidula and Appetite Suppression

Many users have also reported that they didn’t feel hungry even after several hours of increased metabolism. This might sound like a great benefit to some but we caution everyone about this. Your body relies on calories to move. Nowadays, you can simply calculate how much you need in a day to achieve optimum metabolism. Since you won’t feel hungry with Dexaprine, this doesn’t mean that don’t need to eat. In fact, YOU NEED TO EAT. Try to follow the Dexaprine Diet page and check what you need to eat.

Dexaprine will give you the freedom to eat what you need to support your muscles and prevent muscle wasting. The Dexaprine Diet will also steer you away from foods that can interfere with the Dexaprine ingredients.

NOTE: Veteran bodybuilders have reported that they forgot to eat while on Dexaprine. They caution that you should still reach your calorie needs at the end of the day. Space out your meals throughout the day. Then you have to make sure you eat less than 25% of your calorie needs before sleeping. Dexaprine is good but your body can’t help but store energy when you sleep in the form of FAT in adipose tissues. So eat wisely!

Dexaprine Ingredients: Stimulating Receptors with Rauwolfia serpentina

Rauwolfia serpentina Extract – Rauwolscine

This ingredient is home to several powerful compounds that can stimulate your adrenergic system. The main ingredient from Rauwolfia serpentina extract is Rauwolscine. The key to lipolysis or the burning of fat lies in controlling your Alpha and Beta Adrenergic Receptors.

A Primer on Adrenergic Receptors

There are two sets of receptors in the body. Depending on what is stimulated, your body can be put into fat burning mode.

The Alpha Adrenergic Receptors have mild fat burning effects. It’s not always good to stimulate alpha adrenergic receptors because they can cause devastating effects to your cardiovascular system. Other supplements that stimulate the Alpha adrenergic system actually cause severe hypertension or high blood pressure. Rauwolscine helps block most alpha receptors except Alpha 2. This alpha receptor helps increase glucagon secretion of the Pancreas which leads to the dissolving of fat tissues. Still, over stimulation of the Alpha receptors could mean fat formation instead of fat burning.

The main effect of Rauwolscine is on the Beta Receptors. If you talk about fat burning process, then you need to stimulate Beta Receptors! There are three types of beta receptors in the body.

Beta 1 receptors cause increased cardiac heart rate. Rauwolscine doesn’t have much affinity for this receptor though. Still some stimulation will lead to a relative increase of heart rate that allows your body to circulate oxygen and nutrients effectively.

dexaprine reviews

IForce Nutrition Dexaprine

Beta 2 receptors on the other hand have a ton of effects on the body. Several of these deal with smooth muscle relaxation so this means decreased motility in the GI tract or less diarrheal symptoms. The best parts with Beta 2 receptor stimulation by the Dexaprine ingredient Rauwolscine are the anabolism of skeletal muscles and lipolysis or fat burning!

That’s right, Rauwolscine can trigger Beta 2 receptors which can have anabolic and fat burning effects!

The third receptor, Beta 3 receptor is a relatively new discovery. Many studies have found that this receptor acts exclusively for lipolysis or fat burning in adipose tissue!

Dexaprine Ingredients: The role of Isopropyloctopamine

Dexaprine Ingredients

The Power of Octopamine

Isoproplyoctopamine is the final amazing Dexaprine ingredient found in each pill. This is just the isopropyl version of Octopamine. This chemical compound is usually found in insects. You’ll find many insects doing amazing things despite their small size. Their feats and prowess are made possible with octopamine. This powerful compound acts like a Neurohormone, Neuromodulator and Neurotransmitter.

As a Neuromodulator, insects gain the capability of lifting objects almost 50 times their body weight. A great example is the ant. Locusts on the other hand can jump greater distances than human athletes. The neuromodulating effects of Octopamine helps insects compress and contract their muscles effectively. With Octapmine, you’ll be able to perform perfect curls and presses with weights you’ve only dreamed about.

As a Neurotransmitter, Octopamine grants insects like bees and fruit flies amazing memory. Bees can travel very long distances to find flower patches and still manage to go home without losing its way. Octopamine will be able to improve your cognition while working out.

Octopamine as a neurohormone can have several potent effects on your central nervous system. It’s been found by many scientists that Octopamine protected the central nervous system of fruit flies from the toxic effects of Alcohol. Just imagine being able to work out and shrugging off the effect of free radicals from your CNS!

Octopamine was first discovered in the saliva of an Octopus. So why is iForce Nutrition using the isopropyloctamine? The answer lies in a study by Mercader et Al in “Isopropylnorsynephrine is a stronger lipolytic agent in human adipocytes than synephrine and other amines present in Citrus aurantium.” Published in 2011. The isopropyloctopamine also known as isopropylnorsynephrine found in Citrus aurantium was stronger than Octopamine!

Why can’t we use our fat stores directly?

Adipose Cells

Bloated Adipose Cells Bursting with Fat

As mammals, our body excessively hoards fat. Presumably, fat stores are made so that in case of extreme stress, such as food shortage, we’ll be able to survive. Stress could include extensive cardio or any emotional situation. Unfortunately our body can also adapt so that every time you are exposed to stress, you get used to it! That means a 30 minute cardio workout that used to burn about 1,000 calories from fats will only burn about 500 in the future! Most bodybuilders increase the intensity or length of time in their workout but again your body will adapt! It will get harder and harder to make your body release stores of energy.

That’s why iForce Nutrition included several energy boosters among Dexaprine ingredients, the Extended Release Energy Complex.

Dexaprine Ingredients: In Conclusion

Dexaprine Ingredients

The Dexaprine Ingredients12 Hours of Energy!

iForce Nutrition delivers only the best and natural sources of powerful ingredients in Dexaprine. Many of these ingredients are plant extracts. In fact, many users have found half a pill to be enough to get the great benefits of Dexaprine.

NOTE: When taking Dexaprine, see the free diet and training e-book on the right side of the page. As always, consult your doctor before starting any diet or supplementation program, especially if on prescription drugs, many of which should not be mixed with dietary supplements. Do not mix Dexaprine with any other stimulant-based products (including coffee), and start with a light dosage of just half a pill!

Comments (3)
  1. Tommy Naylor

    July 1, 2013 at 7:09 pm

    I currently am taking Dexaprine before breakfast, eating 30-45 minutes later. I notice I have good bowel movements sometimes before bur most commonly after eating. Is this suppose to happen? I feel revved up during the morning as I go about my working activities outdoors. Mid morning I usually take a protein drink or a protein bar to eat so my protein requirements can be met.
    My purpose of using Dexaprine is to hopefully dissolve belly flab. It is not severe but noticeable enough to not have a flat abdomen. Will this product over several months dissolve belly flab?

    • Berto

      July 19, 2013 at 5:43 am

      No product will “dissolve belly flab”. It simply doesn’t work like that, and anyone who claims such a thing is hustling you for your money.

      A proper diet and workout plan will help you burn fat from ALL areas of your body – your body doesn’t typically discriminate, although it may prefer storing it in certain areas more than others (which is different for different people). In general, you’ll need to work to lower your overall bodyfat percentage, which comes as a medium to long-term process.

      The ingredients in Dexaprine will help speed this process up… but if you’re eating lots of sugars and starches and NOT working out, the fat that is “mobilized” from this fat burner will simply get put back into storage.

      Be careful with those protein bars. Most of them are simply candy bars in disguise.

      Feel free to post your entire diet program.

  2. Dayron

    March 3, 2015 at 11:57 am

    I also planing to take this supplement , i have an meal plan and workout plan ready , lets hope it goes good

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