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Reviews of the new V2 (version 2) are rolling in, and users have claimed that it is the best energy and fat loss supplement made to help you lose weight safely and efficiently. On this page, you can read what others are saying, and leave your own opinions too!

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Fat Loss
Overall Value
Rating: 9.3/10 (2 votes cast)

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Make no mistakes about it – reviewers are noting that this is a STRONG fat burner, and even those who think they can handle their stimulants are getting blown away by the “introductory” dosage of half a capsule.

What is Dexaprine and What can it do for you?

iForce Nutrition, the manufacturer of Dexaprine, claims that this supplement offers a lot of benefits to users.

  • Immediate stimulation with powerful amines from several plant species

  • Improves Beta receptor stimulation causing fat loss by suppressing the alpha receptors that promote fat formation

  • Long lasting stimulation with a combination of stimulants from natural plants and even teas

  • Instant Appetite Suppression without the hunger pangs

  • Massive Mood Enhancement to keep you better motivated

  • Promotes only lipolysis and not proteolysis ; targets only Fat and not your muscles

  • Increases your metabolism and body temperature

  • Reviews from around the Internet

Manufacturers can claim anything about their product that’s why iForce Nutrition prefers customers to talk about Dexaprine and give their own reviews.

Reviews on the Thermogenic Effects

Dexaprine Reviews

The Best Bodies are Built by Force… iFORCE!

LayzieBone085 of muscleandstrength forum took iForce Dexaprine for 4 days. On the final day he says he got a marked increase in energy for a good 6 to 8 hours. Thermogenic effect was noticeable every morning as he did his cardio program. Initially he didn’t feel any appetite suppression but he was surprised to find out that he sometimes went to bed and forgot to reach his calories for the day. He had to take approximately 1,500 calories before going to sleep. Overall he gave positive reviews for iForce Dexaprine.

On the other hand, Nathan Smith of supdawg-training tried it for 3 days and he was surprised by the results. He strongly believes that Dexaprine will give you your money’s worth. He certainly felt the thermogenic effect and amazing appetite suppression of the supplement. He also found that the supplement was a great pre-workout stimulus. As an employee of a Sports Supplement store and co-manager of he has tested a lot of fat burners. He posted that iForce Dexaprine ranks definitely above the leading brands!

Potent Fat Burning Effects?

Cooltt of uk-muscle took Dexaprine for a total of 12 days and gave his reviews. He gave out pros and cons about the supplement. On the pro side, he says that Dexaprine does give a nice feeling that wears off after a few hours. Appetite suppression was amazing, he didn’t feel the need to eat for 12 to 14 hours. He also felt little or less side effects but he cautions that people may react differently to supplements. Finally he posted that he lost 10 pounds in just 2 weeks.

Cooltt did include in the cons that you might get used to Dexaprine after 2 weeks. Still he says that this will be a great opportunity to rest from the stimulant. The only side effect he felt was shakiness but he thought that this was also due to the fact that he forgot to monitor his caloric intake. Finally, every time he took the pill, he couldn’t sleep for 12 hours. Definitely longer than what was advertised by iForce Dexaprine.

Other members of the forums also recounted there experience about Dexaprine. The most noticeable effect they noticed was a reduction of their body fat percentage by one or two percentages in one week.

…Which Leads us to Effective Weight Loss

RVAPump of took Dexaprine for more than two weeks. He posted that in just 13 days he already lost 10.4 pounds. Appetite suppression was excellent so he could eat not because he felt hungry but because he had a calorie intake to follow. He also posted that he had several “cheat” days with the product yet still lost weight. So far he didn’t have issues with jittery energy of nausea compared to people who overdose with other stimulants. Initially he weighed just over 250 pounds before taking the supplement and a few weeks later he reported he was 228 pounds of lean muscle!

Several other forum members also stated that they have reported that they’ve reached their ideal body weight (IBW) or are nearer to their IBW. Most of them stated that in just 10 days, they’ve lose several pounds. Though they did caution others that Dexaprine will work best if it’s partnered with proper diet (read the Dexaprine Diet) and proper exercise.

What about Mood Enhancement?

International Bodybuilders have also found Dexaprine to be very effective. Matijaz of utchbodybuilding reviewed the supplement and had great results starting with a half dose of Dexaprine. He also experienced wakefulness allowing him to work longer in the gym. Matijaz did report that he gained weight but it was all muscle as his body fat percentage dropped!

Southpaw23 of anabolicminds also gave fantastic reviews for iForce Dexaprine. He gave a score of 11/10 for energy provided by the supplement. A a 10/10 for focus and mood, he felt nice and it lasted for 8 hours before tapering down normally. He rated the thermogenic effects as 9/10 touting the product as the “best thermo I’ve tried yet”. These reviews were just on the first day!

Various users also sent their reviews via the iForce Facebook and many supplement sites.

One user says that iForce Dexaprine is the real deal. She claims that it’s so powerful that she has to cut her dose in have. As a user of many stim products, she says that Dexaprine has made her a returning customerand that she’ll need no other supplement in her locker.

Alma Arias - iForce Nutrition

Alma Arias – iForce Nutrition Rep – Definitely Satisfied!

Someone also gave a review after trying Dexaprine for a week. He already lost about 4.5 pounds and never felt hungry. He had to remind himself to eat every day!

Someone also tried it out for just 2 days and though she says she can’t give a final review yet, the results were already astounding. She felt everything that iForce Nutrition said about what Dexaprine could do. Appetite suppression was remarkable. She gave it a score of 9 over 10 only because she wasn’t able to sleep after taking it in the afternoon (take early in the morning folks!). Overall she says Dexaprine is a great product and she’s excited to finish one week and see how she weighs in!

Not all reviews are all good. One user posted in a supplement store site that he barely felt anything with Dexaprine. He said that he’s taken a lot of stimulants and Dexaprine didn’t do anything for him. He did give it a score of 4 over 10 saying that the supplements were not in gel cap form thus making it easier to store. However, after analyzing what he posted, other users commented that he was on a lot of steroids already.

Summary of iForce Dexaprine Reviews

Majority of the reviews have concluded one thing, Dexaprine works. They felt everything coincided with the claims of iForce Dexaprine. The common complaint was that Dexaprine worked so well they couldn’t sleep well. Many users get over this side effect by taking their dosage early in the morning so the alertness will last throughout the day. Finally, overstimulation is a problem even with other stimulants. Users recommended adding resting phases so you won’t develop stimulant tolerance.

What’s your iForce Dexaprine experience? Comment below and tell us what you think.

Reviews (4)
  1. Admin on September 11th, 2012 at 10:08 am
    Fat Loss
    Overall Value

    Adding the star rating from my original Dexaprine review.

    The energy should actually be an 11/10. Just SICK. The problem is, if you take too much, focus will actually go down. So you need to start with half a pill, and work your way up.

    I made this site because it’s that ridiculous of a product. For all of you stimulant-lovers, your search is over. THANK YOU iFORCE!!!

  2. Katie on May 31st, 2013 at 10:07 am

    When i heard about dexaprine i couldnt wait to try it! Although, i was never one for using supplements! The people that i heard talking about this product mainly used it for losing weight! Therefore, i thought it wouldnt hurt to try it! The first couple days of using this product i got a dizzy, nauseas feeling. Not to mention a horrible headache. Currently i am in college, so i take a half of pill in the morning, and go to school all day long. Not getting much exercise other than school and work. Dexaprine works well for the suppresion for hunger! You literally have to remind your self to eat, almost like a force. the energy is decent as long as your doing something, sitting in school it just makes me really tired, but also making it impossible to sleep of course! i guess what My question is, will dexaprine always make me sick, or is it just for the first couple days until my body gets use to the “rush”?Or am i completley using the wrong thing for what i am looking for?

  3. David Kobayashi on November 18th, 2013 at 5:27 am
    Fat Loss
    Overall Value

    Using these for ‘boost days’. Ie more reps, longer endurance and body fat % loss. Would suggest half on first try on a gym day, then half on a non gym day. Then try a out a full one on a gym day at the same time. I would never try a full one later than noon if you have problem sleeping.

    Remember to eat and no alcohol when using, so far lost a pound in a week using 2.5 tabs spread out, but that is same calorie intake. I am building lean muscle route for last months and lifting slightly more weight each week but I have been stuck at 12 stone for 3 months now so if I lose 1/3 stone it may just be enough to get my abs on show by reducing body fat %. It takes time but this will help you ‘boost’ and stay out of ‘ketosis’

    Another added benefit which I found which was the same as the old (1,3 dim) was that the natural stimulants in XR help to unblock the nose, this is such a benefit to an allergy sufferer such myself. A great product

  4. Sandra on May 14th, 2016 at 8:41 am

    Just took this. I took half a pill after reading reviews. But not much affect. After taking other half I felt it. Went straight to the gym and used the energy there. No hand shaking, no anxiety. Heart was pumping and sweating more than usual. Love it! The only thing that’s ever worked for me as far as energy has been phentermine.

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