tropinolIt’s not just enough to be a natural testosterone booster. If the product happens to have zero effect, its money wasted! iForce Nutrition has answered with Tropinol. It’s not just a “booster” – it actually has a testosterone activation system with a blend of ingredients that not only “boost” but actually activate the production and release of the hormone!

The Quest for Testosterone and How Tropinol Finished It

Testosterone boosters allegedly increase the production of the hormonem which is a good thing. The most common ingredient right now is D-Aspartic-Acid. It’s cheap and can increase testosterone to up to 40%. The studies don’t lie; it does increase the hormone at the mentioned rate. But is this really enough? The average male produces an average of 500 ng/dl. An additional 40% means that D-Aspartic-Acid can increase your test level up to 700 ng/dl.

While this may sound cool, a normal 45 year old can produce up to 600 ng/dl. Basically, 700 ng/dl is still within normal levels and that’s not going to help increase muscles. It will help your libido a lot but it won’t do much for muscular growth.

Breaking the Limit of Testosterone

So how much testosterone do you need to increase muscular gains?  Supra-physiological levels require at least 1,500 ng/dl or more before it can have a profound effect on your body. There are rare individuals that can go past this number, but most of the time, humans remain at the 500 ng/dl, just enough to attain secondary male characteristics. You could naturally break 900 ng/dl through sheer exercise and the combined effect of adrenaline.

What Tropinol Can Do

iForce Nutrition understood the limits of artificial testosterone. It’s not the first time that someone thought about just injecting synthetic testosterone. After all, only a miniscule amount of 1,500 ng/dl (that’s nanograms per deciliter) is needed to get the benefits of the hormone. Unfortunately, synthetic testosterone doesn’t really cut it for giving you real benefits.

tropinol uses

Tropinol Activates Dormant Leydig Cells Producing more Testosterone

Now that’s not a problem with Tropinol! Instead of relying on D-Aspartic-Acid or using synthetic hormones, the ingredient profile uses a blend of plant extracts and proven biochemicals that works in a different way. Instead of forcing existing cells to produce more testosterone, Tropinol helps activate dormant hormone gland cells to help with the production! This is what activation is all about.

 The Tropinol Ingredients

As previously mentioned, Tropinol contains an ingredient list that does not rely on the conventional ingredients such as D-Aspartic-Acid. You’ve got plant extracts which are natural and safe as well as biochemicals that may surprise you.

Bulbine natalensis

The first ingredient of Tropinol is a plant extract. It is an herb from Africa that has been used as aphrodisiac. The effect of the extract to the sex organ and libido has been documented.

Bulbine natalensis is composed of several compounds like saponins, anthraquinones, tannins, cardiac glycosides and alkaloids. The extract has effects comparable to steroids which mean iForce Nutrition used only a small amount for one dose but it still packs quite a punch! Testosterone increase is noticeable after several regular doses and the increasing libido is a valid determinant.

Basella alba


Tropinol not only Increases Muscle Mass, It Also increases Libido

Also known as Malabar spinach, it will surprise you to know that this is considered as a vegetable. Asian countries use it in many dishes which may account for their well-toned lean muscular builds. Studies showed that Basella alba at 10 microgram/ml was enough to increase testosterone and aromatase production!

This extract in Tropinol will also go well with the powerful testosterone activator Bulbine natalensis because of its effect on estrogen production. Basically, a relative increase was also observed on many studies for both estrogen and androgen. This kept the balance for normal males as compared to an overblown androgen. Basella alba was also shown to be capable of directly stimulating the release of testosterone from leydig cells or the cells found in your testicles!

You could consume Malabar spinach directly but you’ll be missing out on the rest of the ingredients found in Tropinol.

Cholecalciferol and Vitamin D3

Both are included in the Tropinol ingredient list for their various benefits to testosterone production. These are actually vitamin forms of the fat soluble vitamin D. Basically; the vitamin is similar to steroids. Its structure is similar to testosterone!

By themselves, Cholecalciferol and Vitamin D3 have numerous benefits in the production of many steroid hormones naturally produced in the body. In a study, vitamin D  was capable of increasing testosterone production and stimulating more leydig cells to also participate in the production of the said hormone.


It may sound like a mouthful but this is actually the chemical name of caffeine. So it’s a stimulant drunk by many people for many centuries. Some like it, some hate it, but caffeine or methyltheobromine remains to be one of the safest and most effective substance to stimulate a lot of physiological processes. Interestingly, caffeine can help increase the hormone in Tropinol.

A study showed that athletes who took caffeine before working out were able to naturally increase testosterone levels by as much as 21%. The effect may be miniscule compared to D-Aspartic-Acid but iForce Nutrition knew that. That’s why Tropinol has several great ingredients that activate the testosterone producing leydig cells.

Combined, these ingredients can easily give you over 100% increase of testosterone production or about 1,000 ng/dl of the hormone. Add in the natural test increasing effect of exercise or a good workout and you will be getting more than 1,500 ng/dl!

Side Effects of Tropinol and Cycling

Undeniably, Tropinol is one powerful supplement. So powerful that it’s necessary for users to cycle their use! Here are some guidelines to avoid nasty side effects.

  • This product is not intended for 18 year old and below users
  • Women should avoid taking this, especially if they’re pregnant
  • Always have a complete physical checkup as well as blood work before taking Tropinol
  • Cycle the supplement for 8-12 weeks
  • Do not exceed 3 doses or servings
  • Take Tropinol 30 to 45 minutes before a workout
  • Do not combine Tropinol with other testosterone boosters, the combined effect might be too dangerous and may damage your organs.

People react differently so make sure that you follow the instruction on the label well. Get insane testosterone increase with Tropinol from iForce Nutrition.



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