Dexaprine Stack

Looking for information on how to create your own Dexaprine weight loss stack? This guide will give you recommendations on how to stack this fat burner with other food, supplements as well as timing strategies to make the most of iForce Nutrition’s line-up.

This is an incredible fat burner, but that is only the beginning. There are several extra things you can take that are backed by science (and experience), and they’re shown below. But at the same time, it’s all about your diet and training! So let’s start there.

Manage your Diet First

It should be emphasized that it is a supplement and this means that you should be eating the right stuff to get the maximum effect. We assume that you already know how to create your own diet plan. However, if you need information or want to modify your diet, we have a diet page and even provide the book Fat Loss Factor for free on the right side of this site to help you get started.

More on this all the way at the bottom, but for now, let’s start stacking!

Quick Stack Links for our TL;DR Friends

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Building Muscle while Losing Fat with the right Protein

That’s right, losing fat is half the fun. Getting those rock hard abs and muscled arms and legs is the other. You can’t get those if you just stick to a low calorie and low protein diet. Again the Dexaprine Diet isn’t about starvation. It’s about eating the right food for you. This includes the right protein for helping you achieve a toned and muscular body.

Protein is needed to build muscle tissue. Without an abundant amount of protein, you won’t grow a single inch of muscle. Sure you could eat a lot of meat/fish/poultry/eggs/nuts but even then, many of these sources lack the essential amino acids needed by your body… and it’s expensive and time-consuming!

So to boost your dietary protein numbers beyond eating real food, Dexaprine works best with iForce Protean. It is scientifically formulated for an increased metabolism by improving the protein synthesis of the body. Recover muscle, repair damage and increase muscle grown in your body. What makes Protean ideal is that it is available in different flavors such as Chocolate Truffle, Strawberry Creamsicle and Vanilla Cupcake batter.

It’s tough for us to sound unbiased here, but we are NOT representatives of iForce, and this site is not owned, employed by, or affiliated with iForce Nutrition in any manner whatsoever. Just trust us when we say that Protean has the most unbelievably awesome taste you will EVER find in a protein powder!! Why this stuff is not more popular outside of bodybuilding circles is frustrating to us. Click Here to Try Protean!

Getting protein supplements shouldn’t just be about the protein per se, it should be about the amino acid profile in each can. Protean contains the best amino acid profile to keep your hard earned muscle from being burned by fat burners.

iForce Protean has a powerful blend of Whey Protein concentrate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Isolate and Micellar Casein. This ensures that you get the best amino acid profile your body will need such as the branched chain amino acid (BCAA). Get powerful muscle building BCAA Leucine, Isoleucine and L-Valine that will go well with your fat burning Dexaprine.

Protean use with Dexaprine requires you to follow a specific consumption instruction. iForce Nutrition recommends at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight each and every day. Much of that can come from food, but Protean helps with the rest. Remember that’s a daily intake! You can divide that into several small meals for better weight loss!

And don’t worry about the saturated fat in Protean – these are from MCTs, which are actually shown to be synthesized by your muscle – not your fat cells – and help give you more energy in the gym!! MCT Oil is a fat burning supplement, in fact, and is from the GOOD, all-natural saturated fats in coconut oil.

The Dexaprine Stack is for Everyone

This recommended stack can be taken by everyone. Modification of the dosage depends on the user. Woman may reduce the dosage and replace a couple of supplements like vitamins meant for women.

Primary Dexaprine Stack

Check the following on your list:

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The Primary Dexaprine Stack in Detail

Now you got the list, it’s time to get down to the nitty, gritty details. This stack will last you approximately 8 weeks. However, iForce Nutrition recommends that you cycle off stimulants for a month.

Maximum Cutting – Your Multivitamin, Fish and CLA Supplements

These are supplements that you need on a daily basis. Don’t worry about cycling them as they are safe for long-term consumption. You can also add iForce Nutrition Creaplex for your Creatine Monohydrate needs, BCAAs and Whey Protein Powder for daily use.

Many of you on this site are women, and can go either way on creatine. It does help build muscle, but it does bring some water weight too. But it brings more energy and lean muscle, which does mean less fat. So you can go either way. If you’ve tried it and not liked the results, skip it. If you haven’t tried it, it’s a cheap and safe way to possibly blast through your plateau!

We love intra-workout formulas that help spare your muscles – especially when you’re working out on an empty stomach. You can either take iForce Compete or BCAAs here. Scivation Xtend is our favorite BCAA if you want to take them instead of Compete. You’ll notice that many supps here are from iForce Nutrition. Not that we’re employed by iForce Nutrition, it’s just that their products complement each other! Many bodybuilder stacks use iForce Nutrition and are extremely satisfied with the results.

Multivitamin Supplement:

Cutting diets focus on reducing dietary fat, controlling calorie intake and taking vitamin and mineral supplements that support cutting. Controlled Labs Orange Triad is perfect for bodybuilders and athletes looking for that extra edge in performance and body sculpting!

  • Enhanced Overall Health & Well Being

  • Reduction of Free Radicals – This is a Joint Pain Killer!

  • Enhanced Athletic Performance

Ideally take 6 capsules in a day (preferably with meals) for 24 hour protection from free radicals, oxidation and get maximum benefits from your stack.

If you prefer other multivitamins, try Opti-Men (or Opti-Women) with your Dexaprine Stack. You will find that these two will work well for anyone.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids / Fish Oil

Again iForce Nutrition gives this great source of Fish Oil. Each gel cap contains Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Benefits include the following:

  • Improved Cardiovascular Health

  • Anti-inflammatory effect

  • Promotes Mental health

  • Boost mood and well being

  • Promote Weight Loss

  • Improve Visual Acuity

These benefits will go well with your Dexaprine Stack!

CLA – Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Another recently discovered supplement. CLA studies have proven that the supplement can increase fat loss, prevent cancer and is a potent anti-oxidant. For your stack, aim for 3 to 4 gram for cutting. You can stick to 3.4g and obtain the maximum effective dose. Costing about $10 a month that’s the best source of CLA you can have with your stack. PrimaForce MAX CLA is highly recommended and you can pace the 4 grams of CLA throughout the day, preferably with meals.

Maximum Activity and Workout Days Dexaprine Stack

For the busy days you need to keep up with your calorie intake and protect your hard earned muscle.

For your source of BCAAs, iForce Nutrition Compete is a recommended choice. Compete contains clinically studied doses of novel amino acids, whey protein hydolysates and focus enhancing compounds. Compete can help you with the following:

  • Mental Focus: Various adaptogens in Compete acts like potent chemicals similar to adrenaline. Usually our bodies release adrenaline and other biochemical compounds during stressful situations or the “Fight or Flight” response. Adrenaline gives you the focus to decide. Adaptogens do just that. Compete has Rhodiola Rosea and Vinpocetine that can enhance mental acuity during stressful situations like working out.

  • Physical Performance: Enhance your physical prowess with Compete’s L-Carnitine Fumarate, L-Tartrate and more. Fumaric acid has been known to increase ATP production. ATP is simply the fuel of cells and if each of your muscle cells has ample amounts of ATP, you will almost feel your muscles bursting with energy at each rep.

  • Recovery and Repair: Catabolism occurs when we use our body too much. It’s the opposite of Anabolism or tissue growth. You don’t want to be in catabolism always. It’s one of the reasons why you lose muscle mass. With Whey Protein Hydrolysate, you will remain anabolic throughout the entire day thereby protecting your hard earned muscles.

If you prefer other BCAA sources, try  Xtend from Scivation. Each bottle contains L-Leucine and other BCAAs. There are three main BCAAs that you need. Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. Each of them can help your body maintain muscle mass while under extreme pressure. All of them promote muscular growth. Scivation also adds power to Xtend with L-Glutamine, Citrulline Malate and Electrolytes.

Again, you can choose between Compete and Xtend for your BCAA needs. You can find Compete and Xtend in different flavors so you won’t be tired switching flavors while reaching your body mass goal.

How to Take the Dexaprine Stack

  1. At the Crack of Dawn (Or Your Preferred Hour of waking)
    • Take one serving of Hemavol and Dexaprine – Follow instructions in the package insert and labels (as always, start with HALF a cap of Dexaprine)
  2. Pre-Workout (30 minutes)
    • Mix up your Compete or Xtend and start drinking
  3. Workout/Cardio Mode
    • Keep Compete or Xtend on the Side and take occasional sips
  4. Post-Workout
    • Down the last of your Compete or Xtend and take your iForce Nutrition Creaplex Creatine Monohydrate dosage
  5. Post-workout Afterburn (15 minutes)
    • iForce Nutrition Protean – Watch your calorie intake
  6. 30-60 after workout
    • Replenish your body with natural food sources. Go for a complete meal of protein sources, vegetables and natural fats
  7. After hours and Pre-meal supplement
    • Take another Hemavol. If you wish to take Dexaprine, it’s recommended that your initial dose should be ½ cap and take the other half later in the day. Most bodybuilders space the halves 8 hours apart.

I want to take Pre-Workout Drinks! How about Jack3d or iForce Compete?

Many bodybuilders agree with the recommendations of iForce Nutrition. Dexaprine alone is already a powerful stimulant. Adding other stimulants is NOT good for you or your body. We know that there are other bodybuilders who do this however we don’t recommend it, nor does iForce Nutrition. End of story. Dexaprine is VERY strong and is all you need in terms of stimulants.

Here are a couple of solutions for this problem:

  1. Making your own Pre-Workout Drink with HEMAVOL

    • After taking your Dexaprine dose, get into action immediately. You already have the energy – now just add the PUMPS. To do this, there’s only one product you should know about – HEMAVOL, also from iForce.

      This product will give you the most ridiculous pumps you can imagine. It’s basically a kitchen sink of every awesome new pump product there is.It’s best taken on an empty stomach (just like Dexaprine) and a lot of water, like 20-24oz.Then mixing either Compete or Xtend during your workout will take care of the rest.

  2. Alternate Jack3d (or iForce Maximize) and Dexaprine on Workout Days:

    • Another technique is to alternate two powerful stimulants. Never take Jack3d with Dexaprine during pre-workout on your workout days! Shift back to Dexaprine on your non-workout days to maintain your burn. Honestly, though…. HEMAVOL + Dexaprine will blow this out of the water. HEMAVOL is so underrated it’s not even funny.

There are many ways to do it but most bodybuilders agree that these two works best. Jack3d and iForce Maximize are both amazing product that each compete with each other and can both promote fat loss but most industry experts already feel that Dexaprine is worth your buck and can do give you results with just one pill a day.

What about Testosterone Support? Won’t More Test = Less Fat?

Most people on this site are going to be women, but for the men who are interested, the answer is yes. More free testosterone will keep you anabolic, and will support more fat burning as well as muscle growth and protection.

iForce Intimidate Testosterone Booster

The iForce Intimidate Testosterone Booster is an Optional Add-On

If you’re interested, iForce offers an INCREDIBLE product in Intimidate. This is based upon Pure NMOA N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid – Methylated D-Aspartic Acid. I personally LOVE DAA, but this takes it to a whole other level. There’s not as much research behind it as we write this in mid-2012, but the studies are rumoring to show it’s 100x more effective. Not for the faint of heart! You will no doubt have increased confidence, libido, muscle growth, fat-loss, and that “alpha mentality”..

D-Aspartic Acid is great. Intimidate is unbelievable. Get ready for awesome recovery and some seriously deep sleep on this stuff.

Now Let’s Talk FOOD – Download The Fat Loss Factor!

Fat Loss Factor

Fat Loss Factor

In today’s world of fast food, artificial flavoring and processing, one gets to eat too much junk that it can cause various diseases and disorders. We advocate eating the right food, REAL FOOD and not processed food. We concur, there are a lot of reasons why you should avoid processed food and you can check it out at the Dexaprine Diet page.

To make it brief, focus on a colorful diet of fruits and vegetables. You can also add various portions from other food groups like poultry, meat and fish. Just watch out for high-glycemic food from the carbohydrates food group. Even fructose can ruin your weight loss goal if you’re not careful.

Note: High Fructose Corn Syrup is one big disaster and you should avoid it at all cost! Check the label, if it contains “sugar free”; then check if fructose is listed as an ingredient. Chances are it is using fructose as an alternative sweetener so chuck that back into the bin. Fructose increases triglyceride levels, that’s not something you want. Most of the time our bodies don’t know what to do with the highly sweet fructose so our bodies promptly drops it into your gut or hips.

Other processed food additives you should avoid while on the Dexaprine Stack:

Trans fats – Listed as margarine or hydrogenated oil. Studies have shown that margarine is just one molecule away from becoming plastic! Trans fats increases “bad” cholesterol which depresses various body building hormones that you need.

Nitrates and Nitrites – These occur naturally and can be eliminated by our body. However, in food processing, nitrates and nitrites are found in high concentrates! We can only tolerate approximately 5 milligrams a day. The average level of nitrates and nitrites in processed food can be as high as 125 mg for 1 kg of processed food. We do need a little bit of nitrates but too much can be deadly.

Interested in more? Get Fat Loss Factor for free below!

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