The Dexaprine Diet

Getting that body that you’ve always wanted for might be nearer with iForce Dexaprine. It’s the fastest, safest and most effective weight loss supplement in the market. However, you read that right, it’s only a supplement, despite the incredible energy it supplies. It’s not something that you can take alone and think your entire world is going to change forever.

In fact, if you keep on indulging in bad habits such as a poor diet plan, then even iForce Dexaprine will be hard pressed to help you. We’re willing to admit that because we don’t work for iForce Nutrition, nor is this website owned by, employed by, or affiliated with them in any way. We want you to do things right – and Dexaprine is a huge part of that battle, but not all of it.

Yes, even with this revolutionary weight loss supplement, you still need the right diet. We’re going to call it the Dexaprine diet and it’s not really endorsed by iForce, although they won’t complain about it either. But we don’t want you to just zip in and out of a diet. We want you on something that’s sustainable — for life!

Not Just a Diet, It’s Lifestyle Change

When people say the word “diet” they immediately think of withholding food. Presumably, in hopes of reducing calorie intake they can achieve the body they’ve wanted. It’s just plain crazy! No one will be able to survive eating only celery sticks. It might work for a while but sooner or later severe hunger pangs will kick in and you’ll be back to square one. Diet should be about managing your nutritional intake on a long-term timescale. This means organizing your macro and micro nutrients. Sounds like rocket science? It’s not!

Real diet is about knowing how much you need in a day and eating the right food for you. This means that junkfood is a big no (don’t worry, we’ll let you get your cheat meal in). Overeating even quality foods can still be a problem – nearly as bad as eating an entire bag of potato chips for no reason. It’s time to be smart both ways!

Fat Loss Factor – Blasting away Diet Myths with Real Nutrtional Science

fat loss factor

Fat Loss Factor – Your Guide to the Dexaprine Diet – Get it Below!

This book is the diet bible that you have been looking for! The author is Marc Lobliner, a bodybuilder who is also heavily involved in the nutrition industry. He’s a diet and nutrition expert but actually has ethics, and will focus on methods of increasing your metabolism to burn fat and put on lean muscle tone. For the record, he has helped many men and women achieve their ideal body weight faster and safer, and he’s even gotten diabetes patients off of prescription medication!

Fat Loss Factor (FLF) has an easy to follow lifestyle plan that you can adapt to your own diet regimen. Anyone can follow the lifestyle plan and start burning away excess body fat. You’ll start off preparing for success until you incorporate FLF lifestyle of fitness as your own. Learn what’s good for your body and keep the right mental attitude to attain your weight goal.

To get a hold of Fat Loss Factor, all you need to do is sign up in the form below, or on the right side of any page on this site!

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Marc Lobliner – Author of “Fat Loss Factor”

You’ll begin preparing by measuring your vital statistics. This includes your height, weight and then body fat percentages. To help you record your progress, you also need to take photographs of yourself. Don’t be shy, it will be easier to motivate yourself if you can see how much you still need to lose. Wardrobe will need to be checked as you will experience significant fat loss. Keep a measuring tape ready. Abdominal fat is a big help in monitoring your body.

Rant: It’s NOT all about your Weight!!

I want to stress how important this is. While everyone is worrying about “weight loss” and how much a scale says they weigh, I want you to focus not only on that, but on your overall IMAGE and HEALTH. I don’t care if you weigh 150 pounds or 115 – if you are sexy, that is what’s important! Guess what – nobody knows your weight, and nobody cares! What we care about is that you are dropping belt notches, and that we can see your muscle tone!

Losing weight is easy at first when on a proper diet plan like Fat Loss Factor’s. However, at some point, you might stop losing weight. This is NOT the time to get discouraged – want to know why? Because you’re building muscle tone!! If you are still looking better and better in the mirror, and losing bodyfat percentage points, then stop worrying about the scale! Muscle weighs more than fat, and even you ladies will put on some tone.

So yes, you should monitor weight, but only if you’re also taking pictures and monitoring bodyfat as well. It’s NOT all about weight. End of rant.

Why do we get Fat? Why are things getting Worse and Worse in America?!

dexaprine paleolithic diet

The Sad Truth about Evolution and Diet

People would say that genetically some bodies are meant to be fat. However if we turn back time, we’re just the same as our ancestors 100,000 years ago. Scientists found out that our ancestors did not have problems with obesity. There was also no evidence of heart problems and cancer.

However, our ancestors did suffer from constant attacks from wild animals and calamities, yet those are things that don’t happen much in our time. A broken bone could easily end their lives far too soon – but not hypertension. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about the same problems they did. We have created a whole new slew of them for ourselves, and it’s time to undo that.

Scientists found out that the bones of our ancestors didn’t even rot compared to bones of obese individuals today. In fact that was one of their startling findings. Scientists found ancient humans frozen in ice that still had intact organs! After thousands of years their bones were significantly stronger compared to our bones today.

Our ancestors had the benefit of eating natural food. They hunted wild meat, ate naturally grown plants and fished healthy seafood right from the sea. They had a colorful menu composed of leafy greens, meat, seafood, poultry, produce like vegetables, fruits, even nuts and seeds.

However, at the turn of the 20th century, population began to grow wild. There was a scramble to find ways to feed the growing population. Agriculture wasn’t enough anymore. Chickens and cows couldn’t produce eggs and milk enough eggs for a large city. It was hard to grow poultry animals for meat and plants couldn’t grow fast enough. People spilled into farmlands so farmers had to relocate elsewhere to continue production. This meant longer travel times to transport food. Seasonal changes also affected food production especially for plants. That’s when the world started food processing.

Food processing had many uses. Food could now be transported over long distances without spoiling. Companies could also stock seasonal fruits and vegetables in large quantities so they can sell it off whole year round. They can enhance food to make it more appealing and tastier. Unfortunately, there are many problems associated with food processing… and it is slowly but surely killing our civilization.

The Dexaprine Diet – Why You Should Avoid Processed Food

dexaprine diet

Processed Food usually has Carcinogens

First and foremost, the brutal truth that it’s taken us far too long to figure out: food processing uses preservatives are usually cancerous. There have been many chemicals banned because they were found out to be carcinogens. That’s not even counting the teratogens or substances that can cause congenital birth defects! Unfortunately, the world still uses a lot of untested preservatives and it’s suspected that more than half of companies still use illegal preservatives. An example would be mayonnaise containing formalin or formaldehyde as a preservative. If you don’t believe it, you can check some of the top brands of mayonnaise. It’s right there listed as preservative! What’s so wrong with just using some egg whites?!!

Second, preserving food strips away flavor. Usually, preservatives like nitrates take away or change the flavor of food. That’s why most companies will use artificial flavors to return and enhance the flavor of food. And those artificial flavors can bring a whole extra platform of problems. A long time ago, companies used an insecticide ingredient for chocolate flavoring in ice cream! The insecticide ingredient mimicked the bitter taste of chocolate. And it also killed people.

Third, flavor enhancers pose a big problem to many people. An example would be high fructose corn syrup. It’s made of corn, which is such a bastardized plant that it has been genetically modified to do nothing but provide energy and no nutrients (read The Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan) – and yet it still needs to be further processed into a liver-destroying sugar substitute! So the nutritional aspects of corn are stripped away leaving only fructose – but with no fiber – a deadly combo!

As a sugar, it’s definitely sweeter than sucrose. You can sweeten a barrel of food with just a small amount. So it’s natural right? That’s where you are wrong. Our body can’t handle the fructose overload. At best, the body will convert it directly to fat, if you’re liver and pancreas hasn’t malfunctioned yet. Even the so-called hydrogenated vegetable oils (trans fats!!) can become cholesterol and clog your veins and arteries. At least our society is slowly catching on to these issues.

Finally, processing food will fade natural colors hence the need for artificial food coloring. A great example would be tomato ketchup. Processing the tomato strips away the red color. Unfortunately there are many nutrients in the natural colors of vegetables and fruits. Like in tomatoes, they have a red color because of lycopene. Carotene makes carrots have an orange color.

But processed tomato ketchup loses lycopene leaving it a pale pink hue. So companies add in food coloring to return its red hue. Is it that hard to make KETCHUP these days? However, some food coloring illegal and some were dangerous. There have been accounts of bakers using chalk as a whitener for bread. Candy manufacturers add vermillion which has a lot of mercury. Even lead containing food coloring has been used. Modern food coloring or synthetic food coloring also have their horrors. The FDA has banned a lot of artificial food coloring because they caused cancer! The banned food colors are named simply as colors with numbers such as the banned Red 2 and 4, Violet 1 and Yellow 1 to 4.

You might say that the FDA has probably banned dangerous food processing substances. However, how sure are you that those companies are not secretly adding them to processed food you eat?

It’s total nonsense! Can’t we just get back to eating natural, leafy vegetables?! Organically pastured chickens, wild fish, and grass-fed beef?! It may cost a bit more, but food was never meant to be cheap! And that’s what we want you to understand when you are reading Fat Loss Factor.

The Dexaprine Diet – Avoiding Processed Food

You’re one step getting a healthier body. Understandably, there are a lot of processed foods in the market. Some of them are edible without a lot of health risks. However, if you want to really lose excess then you need to avoid junk food containing the following:

  • Preservatives such as Nitrates
  • Hydrogenated oils (corn, canola, vegetable and margarine)
  • Artificial sweeteners like High-Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Hydrogenated soybean oil and other soy-based products
  • Processed starch or “white” starch

Foods containing above mentioned ingredients are really foreign to our body. Our bodies just don’t know how to digest and make use of these substances. It might trigger the pancreas to increase insulin as in the case of high fructose corn syrup. Trans fats from hydrogenated oils are difficult to digest and emulsify so the body just drops it to our bellies and thighs… but that’s only after wreaking havoc on your entire cardiovascular system. If it says ‘hydrogenated’ in it, you do NOT want it. Nobody is going to argue with that one.

The Dexaprine Diet – Food in Moderation

dexaprine diet

A Healthy Dexaprine Diet – Hold the Dressing and Mayo

There are foods that can be eaten during the day. However, they have high carbohydrate content so you need to burn it off. Avoid eating them during dinner or else you won’t have the time to burn the extra calories!

  • High glycemic food such as tropical fruits
  • Tubers such as yams and potatoes
  • Sugar
  • Grains and Oats

If you can, try to avoid them when making your meals. If you eat too much, your body can get addicted to it. Instead, focus more on real vegetables (read next section) and you’ll be amazed at how much excess fat you can burn away in 30 days. Your body may crave those carbs so the first two weeks you’ll suffer from carbohydrate withdrawal. It’s actually easy to overcome by substituting them with real food and protein! iForce Protean can help with the sweet tooth too, and is far healthier! In just a month you’ll be able to overcome carb withdrawal easily.

The Dexaprine Diet – A Balanced Menu

As previously stated, diet is not about starvation. It’s about eating the right stuff. This is what you should be eating.

  • Low glycemic fruits such as berries, pears, avocados and apples
  • Leafy vegetables (the brighter the colors, the better)
  • Seafood (sea water and fresh water)
  • Poultry (Meat and eggs)

In less than 30 days you’ll begin adjusting to eating REAL food. This is what our ancestors ate. Use butter or other natural oils like olive and coconuts to lightly sauté your food. If you’re gunning for a leaner body, this diet whose calories are based upon 40% protein, 30% fat and 30% carbs – but you MUST monitor this in a site like and adjust as needed.

In Fat Loss Factor, there is a “sticking points” section that will help you blast through plateaus. Sometimes it’s all about the timing, and getting your carbs in a bit earlier and not too late is also helpful.

As your body starts getting used to the Dexaprine diet, you’ll begin using up your fat stores and replace them with lean muscle. Just make it through those first two weeks, and you’re going to absolutely LOVE what you start seeing!

The Dexaprine Diet – Golden Rules to a Proper Diet

Here several rules that can help you when you’re in a pinch.  These were adapted from In Defense of Food and Fat Loss Factors and explanations are given:

  • Hydrate yourself with water – Water helps in the burning of fat, and is the cornerstone of nearly every reaction your body needs to make.
  • Do High Intensity Interval Training – Keep your body off balanced so it can adapt readily with different conditions
  • Strength training 3 times a week – Revs up your metabolism, and building/toning muscle burns fat for a longer amount of time than slow cardio!
  • Stay motivated and avoid stress – Fat loss can be made easier if you’re prepare mentally
  • Numerous small  meals than 3 large ones – Dividing 3 main meals into several small ones distributed throughout the day can help weight loss
  • If it’s white don’t eat it – might contain sugar and refined or bleached starch
  • It if has more than 5 ingredients, don’t eat it – Some companies hide food preservatives in a long list of ingredients
  • If your great-grandmother wouldn’t know what it is, don’t eat it – People born in the 1950s and below are less exposed to processed food and know natural food better. Sure, they had their problems with things like polio and small-pox, but we don’t! They certainly weren’t obese, nor were they hypertensive, diabetic, or as cancerous as us. Ever wonder why?
  • It if makes health claims, don’t eat it – Marketing always has a catch
  • Eat more plants – mostly leaves – Green leafy vegetables contain lots of nutrients with less caloric content
  • No meals where carbs are primary source of energy after 4pm – Just like our body has the Circadian rhythm, there’s also a rhythm for food intake. Spike your insulin too late with too many carbs / sugars, and you own’t have time to burn it off. That means…. fat storage! So monitor this and adjust.
  • Limit fruits to those that are in season and low glycemic (berries and apples) and in the AM – Out of season fruits might be grown artificially and sprayed with preservatives
  • Do not starve yourself! – Starvation actually causes metabolism to slow. It makes the body store energy in the form of fat causing a severe drop of glucose and fats in the blood and causes intense hunger pangs. “Starvation mode” is NOT good – it puts your body into “saving fat” survival mode. Not good!

The Dexaprine Diet – Be Informed and Change

This diet isn’t really rocket science. It’s the diet of our ancestors and you many call it the Paleolithic Diet, but we have a few modifications in Fat Loss Factor, and allow some cheat meals that make it reasonable. It’s a diet going back to our roots and it’s very effective else humanity wouldn’t have survived against beasts and the elements a long time ago. And it WORKS with IForce Dexaprine. Pump up the paleo diet with iForce Dexaprine.

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