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If you're still counting the "number of hours" of energy, then you're using outdated supplements or energy drinks.
With Dexaprine, it is simply all day energy - and we haven't even begun to discuss the insane fat burning!

Effective Fat Loss Combined with Boundless Energy & Incredible Mood Enhancement!
Dexaprine Has Been a Game Changer for Me!

I’ve jokingly started calling it the “Western Triple Threat” but the unfortunate truth is that many people in today’s modern world (and I was certainly one of them before my Dexaprine “enlightenment”) are fighting a losing battle against being fat, tired, and miserable. We wake up, cranky and irritable for no reason and feel like an absolute zombie.

And then to add insult to injury, we take a look in the mirror and cringe at the soft, pudgy person staring dejectedly back at us.

If you have ever battled against your weight, you know that it’s a tough struggle. And on top of that, its likely that your fat loss efforts have left you constantly tired and in a persistent state of “the blahs!” Sound familiar? Of course it does! Well, all I can say is that I hope my story will convince you that there is a better way!

My name is Stacy and I’m a 31-year-old happily married women with one amazing son. And my struggle with my weight began like it does for many women: after I gave birth.

You see, along with my little bundle of joy, I also seemed to pick up a not-so-little bundle of FAT…around the hips, around the legs, on my butt! I’m laughing and I can joke about it now that I’ve lost it all, but it was a huge blow to my self-esteem, my confidence, and my quality of life to carry around all that extra weight.

I initially thought that I’d lose it all after my hormones returned to normal but after several the months passed by, I knew I was going to have to take matters into my own hands.

And so I jumped in and tried anything and everything I could to lose the weight. The fads, the gimmicks, the quick fixes, the crash diets and popular exercise programs. I put an earnest effort into all of them and nothing ever worked. Or if it worked at first, I ended up gaining the weight right back (sometimes even more). And the entire time, I was tired and moody. My poor husband!

I had made literally no progress at all (OK, OK, I’ll admit it – I had actually gained a little bit more weight with the yo-yo diets!) and as my little guy’s second birthday rapidly approached, I knew it was time to call in the “big guns.”

My New Trainer Introduced Me to Dexaprine and I was FINALLY able to Lose the Fat and Look AMAZING!

This whole time, my friend Karen kept urging me to pay for a consultation with her trainer, Mike. She swore up and down that he had “the secret” to getting me back to that hot little bod that my husband fell in love with ;)

And, the proof was in the pudding: Karen was in gorgeous shape, despite having three kids and being four years older than me. And not only that, but apparently this guy Mike had a LONG track record of getting his female clients into the best shape of their lives – toned, fit, and sexy – and getting his male clients in “warrior shape” – strong, athletic, and lean. He was walking the walk and was the REAL DEAL.

So exactly 12 weeks before my boy’s second birthday, I went to see Mike for the first time and we committed to getting me into the best shape of my life (even better than my pre-pregnancy days) before my son turned two.

Mike laid out all the diet and exercises guidelines that he wanted me following (more on that later, but he teamed with some big-time experts for his programs — we definitely hit the weights) and for the next four weeks, I followed the diet and exercise program to the T. But with only eight weeks to reach my goal, we both realized that I had to step it up a notch.

And that’s when Mike recommended that I start taking a trusted fat loss supplement to provide “a little extra help” (this turned out to be the understatement of the century lol).

I was initially a little hesitant but what Mike assured me was this product that he had been using himself and with his clients was incredibly effective (did I mention Mike looked more-or-less like a modern day Adonis???), but that it was also completely safe and made with the best, highest quality, purest ingredients available.

But really, all he had to do was show me the ultimate motivation: the beautiful Alma Arias, pictured to the right, is an iForce Nutrition rep who also used Dexaprine to shed her post pregnancy fat! One look at her transformation, and I was signed up!

Further, with the initial “honeymoon” phase of the diet over, I was also losing motivation, feeling tired, and getting irritable for no apparent reason. Mike assured me that this breakthrough supplement would fix all that up too.

This product sounded great…

Mike laid it all out for me, telling me why this brand new product, which he called Dexaprine, was so powerful:

And no, I’m not an iForce Rep, nor am I as toned as Alma in her picture above… not YET at least!

Dexaprine Takes Your Existing Diet and Exercise Program and Kicks it into Overdrive!

The improvements I made to my body in those first four weeks working with Mike were impressive by pretty much anyone’s standards – I lost 5 pounds and was looking much, much better. But once I added Dexaprine to the equation, things were taken to an ENTIRELY new level.

Eight weeks later I am just finishing up my first bottle of the stuff – yep, a single bottle is more than eight weeks’ supply – and I am more than thrilled. In those 8 weeks, I lost 14 pounds, and I am a full 5 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight…with several days to spare before my son’s birthday!

And let’s not forget that Mike’s plan had me adding a bit of muscle tone – which means I really lost MORE than 14 pounds of fat! It’s not all about weight, ladies – it’s also about bodyfat percentage and how we look and feel!!

And I Won’t Be Bashful About It – I am Looking DAMN Good!

I once again have that lean, desirable, sexy, and feminine body that I was so proud of in my twenties. My husband is loving it (to put it lightly), my friends are jealous, and my coworkers are asking me how I did it.

And the truth is, it was a lot of work but it was never a pain or a hassle. Mike’s training and diet were enjoyable and easy to follow and the breakthrough Dexaprine formula delivered as promised – it kept me motivated, happy, and full of energy despite the fact that I was dieting.

This stuff is truly a dieter’s best friend.

How I Did It – The Full Low Down on How I Combined Dexaprine with a Top-Notch Diet and Exercise Plan to Lose 14 Pounds in Just 8 Weeks!

Let me be clear, even though Dexaprine is the most advanced and effective supplement available on the market today, if you are not willing to put the time and effort into exercising properly and eating right, you can stop reading this review right now.

You’ll never succeed at burning fat if you aren’t eating right and exercising regularly. Dexaprine gives an added edge and motivation boost to get you into the gym and keep you there. So if you are finally ready to get the fit body you’ve always wanted, I’d like to share my successful plan with you.

First, let’s talk a little more about Dexaprine. I’ve already told you that it absolutely exceeded my expectations in every way, but now, let’s quickly discuss why:

****Burns the Fat – Spares the Muscle****

The potent combination of two cutting edge fat loss agents called Rauwolfia Serpentina and Isopropyloctopamine literally turns your body into a fat terminator. Fat stores are specifically targeted by these two, so the weight you lose is fat, not hard-earned muscle.

****Provides Immediate and Sustained Energy****

Dexaprine takes good ol’ caffeine and teams it up with two potent energy compounds called Citrus Aurantium and Acacia Rigidula. This energy trio instantly pumps your energy levels. And then, the inclusion of a different form of Citrus Aurantium and tried-and-true Green Tea Extract ensure that your elevated energy levels are sustained all day long.

****Powerfully Suppresses Appetite****

In addition to being an energy booster, Acacia Rigidula acts as a powerful appetite suppressant. It is so powerful that users report forgetting about eating ENTIRELY and never experience hunger.

****Increases Feelings of Well-Being and Enhances Mood****

Both Acacia Rigidula and Citrus Aurantium are loaded with compounds known as amines and alkaloids that have been shown to improve mood and well-being so that the typical “dieter’s depression” (crankiness, irritability, etc…) is avoided and users are motivated, happy, and ready to face whatever the day can throw at them.

Find out more about all the ingredients in Dexaprine here: Dexaprine Ingredients

CAUTION: I Have to Warn You – Dexaprine is Strong, Advanced Stuff, so Start Conservatively

Let’s be clear: Dexaprine is really strong and you will need to assess your tolerance to the potent ingredients, especially the energy enhancers.

I am currently taking the recommended dosage of one pill per day but in the beginning even just half a pill per day was enough to get me going. I let myself adjust to it for several days. Since proper rest and recovery is particularly important during a period of intense exercise, I especially wanted to make sure that the increase in energy wasn’t negatively impacting my sleep. This is really important.

After a week or two with half a pill daily, I was able to take the full dosage of one pill and the results have been, as you’ve seen, phenomenal and my sleep has not been negatively impacted in the slightest.

My recommendation is to therefore start at half a pill per day and gradually work into taking the full dosage.

Learn Mike’s Secrets –
Get Your Free Copy of Fat Loss Factor Now!

Combine these Benefits with the Highly Recommended (and Free!) Diet and Exercise Program Below to Finally Get the Dieting Results You Deserve

Remember how I told you that all of Mike’s clients were getting unbelievable results? Well, the truth is that Dexaprine is only a part of that successful equation. The other half is that Mike partnered with one of the top gurus in the fitness world, national level bodybuilder Marc Lobliner. This guy is in such good shape that many simply know him as “The Machine.” Like Mike, his clients’ bodies speak for his expertise.

Marc has put together a truly effective approach that is responsible for all the ripped physiques that come in and out of Mike’s office every time I am there. It is focused on resistance training and eating a wholesome, natural diet. I found that the carefully planned intensity of the exercise and the natural diet both amplified the great feelings and energy levels provided by my daily dose of Dexaprine.

And of course, Dexaprine, Healthy Eating, and Effective Training is a trifecta for building muscle and burning fat.

And here’s the good news: Marc has recently put together a book that details every single aspect of his methods. This is the closest thing you can get to the one-on-one personalized expertise I receive with Mike. Oh, and its absolutely free. How can you beat that? This is exactly what you need!

Learn Mike’s Secrets –
Get Your Free Copy of Fat Loss Factor Above!

OK, this review is getting a bit lengthy and I have a training session coming up, so I will wrap it up now – you’ve read enough – just get your Dexaprine ASAP!

All I can say is that as someone who has tried just about everything to lose weight, I am 150% satisfied with Dexaprine. It really can be the answer you’ve been looking for. If this review convinces just one single person to try it out, I will consider it time well spent.

Thank you for reading! Now go win your battle against that awful “Western Triple Threat” with what I am now coining the “Dexaprine Trifecta” of fat loss, mood enhancement, and energy improvement today!

PS – As good as my results have been, Mike and I are going to step it up another notch and get me into the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE. How are we going to do it? With the potent iForce Stack that uses Dexaprine along with iForce’s other powerful products to create a syngergistic diet stack that all but guarantees results.

Interested in the entire iForce Stack? It’s right below!

Dexaprine Stack

Looking for information on how to create your own Dexaprine weight loss stack? This guide will give you recommendations on how to stack this fat burner with other food, supplements as well as timing strategies to make the most of iForce Nutrition’s line-up.

This is an incredible fat burner, but that is only the beginning. There are several extra things you can take that are backed by science (and experience), and they’re shown below. But at the same time, it’s all about your diet and training! So let’s start there.

Manage your Diet First

It should be emphasized that it is a supplement and this means that you should be eating the right stuff to get the maximum effect. We assume that you already know…

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Dexaprine Ingredients

Dexaprine Ingredients

Weight Loss… Safe and Efficient. This page is dedicated to the Dexaprine V2 Ingredients – not the original formula, but the one that is out now (starting in mid-2012).

Before we get technical on you, some basics on what these ingredients do:

Just one pill a day for 12 hours of non-stop energy! Blast hunger pangs away! Feel good, do good! Targets only fat and not hard earned muscle!

By now you have probably heard of this incredible fat burner made by iForce Nutrition. A few years ago, iForce introduced it to the bodybuilding world. Just by the samples sent out to eager bodybuilders, it became known as the most effective (and intense) fat burner on the market. Just one pill compared to leading brands, …

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Dexaprine Reviews

This page is dedicated to the reviews of the new V2 (version 2). Users are claiming that it is the best energy and fat loss supplement made to help you lose weight safely and efficiently, but don't take our word for it. On this page, you can read what others are saying, and we want you to leave your own opinions too!

Make no mistakes about it - reviewers are noting that this is a STRONG fat burner, and even those who think they can handle their stimulants are getting blown away by the "introductory" dosage of half a capsule.

We allow ratings based upon 10 stars, and break it down by Fat Loss, Energy , Focus, Mood, and Overall Value. Have at it!

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