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Looking for iForce Nutrition’s New Dexaprine? You’ve come to the right place! You can find Dexaprine Cheap prices and information before you buy it.

iForce Dexaprine is a combination of the most powerful naturally occurring stimulants, thermogenics and fat burning ingredients. Designed to target fat and not muscle, take a look at what you get if you buy Dexaprine!

iForce Dexaprine Highlights

Instant Energy that Lasts 12 hours

Proven by many users since day one of the release of Dexaprine. Each caplet contains energy releasing ingredients. In fact, it’s so strong it’s recommended you start with HALF a capsule!

iForce certainly did not go the cheap route unlike some manufacturers who lace their supplements with weak extracts or load it with fillers like fat-inducing maltodextrin. iForce Nutrition uses Caffeine and Green Tea Extracts to make your body use your own fat for energy, but that’s just the start! You’ll lose weight while gaining continual energy from your own fat stores!

Amazing Appetite and Craving Suppression

When you buy Dexaprine, you’ll be amazed at how it blasts away your appetite. Now you can control what you eat without feeling hungry! Stay within your calorie needs to maintain your hard earned muscles without the hunger pangs!

Feel Good, Do Better – Mood Enhancer

Dexaprine also has several ingredients that naturally boosts neurochemicals such as Dopamine, Serotonin and more! These neurochemicals will make you feel better allowing you to work longer and stay focused in blasting away fat! When you buy Dexaprine, you are not just buying a simple bottle of stimulants. You get to enjoy burning fats literally!

Buy Dexaprine

Smiling and Sweating with Dexaprine

You can check PricePlow for a comparison with the leading brands! You can also find Dexaprine cheap enough to fit your budget.  Check out the promos for a chance to buy Dexaprine as much as 40% off.

Still not convinced? Read on.

Don’t be fooled by most fat burners on the market. They just contain some caffeine, exotic sounding herbs and stimulants. Sure, you’ll feel something after taking one pill but if it lasts only 3 hours or so, it’s not worth it! Worse, you’ll feel an energy crash right after the effects wear off.

Only the formulation of iForce Dexaprine has enough ingredients to keep you burning fat for more than twelve hours without crashing down. When you buy Dexaprine, you’ll enjoy immediate and long term effects of various ingredients blended in each caplet.

Dexaprine Stimulant half life

Dexaprine Stimulant half life

PricePlow will show you how to buy Dexaprine cheap enough so you can take it every day. During promos, you don’t need to pay sales taxes saving you more money!

Most fat burners in the market usually have a half-life of 5 hours! That’s why iForce Nutrition began researching Dexaprine and increasing its fat burning effects for your money’s worth.  iForce combined the effects of Caffein Anhydrous and Theophylline increasing the capability of Dexaprine to burn fat by as much as 160%!

Dexaprine Fat Burning Half Life

Dexaprine Fat Burning Half Life

Stimulants are also important for a fat burning supplement. Fat burners work by making your fat tissue releases their fat stores into the body. However, if you don’t make use of it, the fat will go back into your fat tissues! That’s why iForce Nutrition included stimulants in each Dexaprine pill. Stimulants help increase the basal metabolic rate of the body thereby making you burn fats even while resting. However, that’s just half of what stimulants can do! As a stimulant, you get the drive and need to be up and about and working out! With a stimulant half-life of 8 hours that’s more than enough even for professional body builders!

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