Feel tired all the time? Get that extra edge with Theophylline. Found in iForce Dexaprine, Theophylline is one of the many ingredients working in your body to provide you with long lasting energy.

The History of Theophylline

You might be wondering what Theophylline is and what it can do. The ingredient, a “methylxanthine derivative”, is mainly extracted from green tea leaves. It was discovered by Albrecht Kossel, a German biologist. Since then various scientist began creating the ingredient through extraction or synthesis. Many methylxanthine compounds were created but after 4 years, Theophylline was  approved for use in the medical world. Initially, Theophylline was used in a diuretic drug to induce urination. After 20 years, scientists found that it worked better for patients suffering from other ailments, and even had some incredible fat-burning properties!

It is now a prescription drug in most countries contrary to what most bodybuilders say. The ingredient can be found naturally in many substances such as cola, coffee, green tea and more. It is best that you check with your country’s local laws regarding its legality. Many use theophylline to prevent asthma attacks while at lower doses, it can have other positive effects to the body.

How Theophylline Gives You Maximum Energy


Theophylline in Dexaprine Guarantees Maximum Energy

As one of the Expanded Energy Complex of Dexaprine, green tea extract Theophylline  provides a longer lasting energy boost coupled with Caffeine. In fact, the energy boost was initially considered side effect of this compound… until everyone realized that this is actually a benefit! Theophylline boosts energy by raising the intracellular cyclic adenosine monophosphate or cAMP inside your body cells. The effect of cAMP is very important to cells. It can help cells take in the hormones glucagon and adrenaline effectively. Any body builder worth their salt know that these are two hormones are important bodybuilding hormones!

Theopylline and Glucagon – Energy Released

Glucagon is primarily responsible in the burning of fats in adipose tissue. Usually, glucagon is only released when you are hungry and there is less glucose or carbohydrates available. With the natural stimulating effects of Theophylline, the adipose cells are triggered to provide energy via lipolysis or fat burning via Glucagon. On the physical aspect, one can enjoy the benefits of reducing their fat pad, which is an area of densely-packed fat tissues… ie… our problem areas!! This is great for anyone who wants that cut look. As an energy provider, fats provide more energy compared to carbohydrates or glucose. Carbohydrates only give about 4 kcal per gram while fats give 9 kcal per gram.

Theophylline and Adrenaline – Increased Metabolism

Main source of iForce Dexaprine Theophylline: Green Tea

Adrenaline is another hormone that can greatly increase performance levels. Usually the hormone is only released when you are in a position of great stress such as before an exciting event or dangerous situation. With Theophylline in iForce Dexaprine, you don’t need to be in those situations. The ingredient will naturally raise your adrenaline levels. Adrenaline is a hormone to which many bodybuilders are familiar with. It provides boosts of energy at any time.  The stored energy is called glycogen or simply glucose arranged into long chains resembling carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Glycogen covers visceral organs and muscles and are usually called as visceral fat. Visceral fat is very hard to dissolve even with the most strenuous exercises. However, a spike in Adrenaline levels induced by Theophylline will help trigger organs to dissolve visceral fat into glucose! In fact, Adrenaline will influence muscles to directly use glycogen as a power source instead of flooding your blood stream with dissolved glycogen or glucose!

As a bonus, Adrenaline also reduces inflammation so you’ll be able to lift weights longer without feeling great discomfort. It will also rev up your metabolic system which means that your cells will use the energy provided by lipolysis effectively.

The Use of Theophylline in Bodybuilding and Competitive Sports

The history of Theophylline as a performance enhancing supplement in body building is not clear. However, it has been used to enhance the performance of horses in horse racing. Still, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) does not have a ban on the use of Theophylline as a performance enhancing supplement. The IOC do monitor for excessive of use of the supplement for health reasons. It is plausible as overdosing yourself with substances even natural substances can be detrimental to your health.

If you want to enjoy the full benefits of Theophylline, take iForce Dexaprine before a balanced, natural whole-foods meal. Dexaprine works best on an empty stomach, followed by food 15-30 minutes later so that you have natural energy and don’t forget to eat, which sometimes happens with this potent product! A balanced meal will also provide the essential nutrients to keep you running. Stick to your diet plan – and if you don’t have one, see the free diet and training e-book on the right side of this site. It is recommended that you exercise while taking iForce Dexaprine with Theophylline. That energy boost will go to waste if you don’t do your reps – then get back to work and enjoy the incredible focus!

Theophylline is a great ingredient as it is a naturally occurring compound with many benefits. Still, one might have to drink a liter of green tea just to get a significant effect. With iForce Dexaprine, you get the therapeutic benefits of Theophylline in one tablet!


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