Green Tea Extract

Before Green Tea extracts, there’s Green Tea. It is a well-known drink that has been around in the realm of bodybuilding for decades. Many coaches and gym goers advocate the antioxidant effects of green tea for good health and a better body. Made from the plant Camellia sinensis, the tea actually has more benefits than just a simple antioxidant drink.

The History of Green Tea before Dexaprine

4,000 years ago, China began using tea leaves as a drink. In fact, many books in China talk about how green tea is good for the body such as the Zen priest Eisai who said that the tea has a very good effect on five vital organs such as the heart.

In Western countries, people typically drink “black tea”. They are still made the plant Camellia sinensis, however the tea leaves are heavily oxidized via fermentation to improve the flavor. As a result, the many substances are lost.

The green tea drunk in most Eastern countries are prepared differently. Instead of oxidizing or fermenting the tea leaves, farmers take exceptional care in preserving the “green” color of the leaves. Such method preserves important substances such as the green tea catechins or GTC.

As a medicinal tonic, many have used green tea to counter the effects of alcohol intoxication, curing indigestion, beriberi disease and removing fatigue and improving bodily functions. Recent studies show that green tea contains substances that can prevent cancer. In China, the residents are protected from Esophageal cancer.

There are many benefits to drinking the said tea. It has strong antioxidant properties that can even help combat cancer. The tea is prepared simply by steeping tea bags in hot water. In fact, many bodybuilders have different recipes of Green Teas. They add a couple of ingredients here and there to increase the properties of Green Tea.

Green Tea Extract by Dexaprine

Dexaprine Green Tea Extract Theophylline Burn Fats

A new approach is now preferred. Instead of adding different ingredients, iForce went after the most important substances found in green tea and isolated them. In Dexaprine, green tea extracts are concentrated specifically for Theophylline, which is a potent fat burner.

In fact, many studies have been done on the effects of green tea extracts on the body. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that the extract increased energy expenditure of body metabolism compared to the control group. On the plus side, green tea extract Theophylline made the body burn more fats through lipolysis. Again, the study of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition stated that green tea extracts increased the 24 hour energy expenditure by 4%. In daytime or during activity, energy expenditure rose to as much as 50%!

Many say that caffeine would be a better choice however the said study also used caffeine. The results were in favor for green tea as the caffeine did not reach energy expenditure levels compared to the tea extracts. In fact, the study showed that Caffeine and Green Tea Extract Theophylline multiplied their effects many times over! That’s why iForce combined Caffeine and Theophylline in Dexaprine.

A Small Discussion on Caffeine…

 As you’re aware, caffeine is a stimulant that gets things moving faster. It increases the “turnover” of processes in your body. However, on its own, it is not the best fat burner. The study mentioned above demonstrates this. What it doesdo, though, is speed up the rate of ingredients that ARE the true fat burners. Green tea extracted for theophylline is one such ingredient.

 This is why fat burners that onlyrely on tons of caffeine simply don’t work, and only make you jittery and nervous. But a reasonable amount of caffeine, mixed with the other incredible ingredients here, is a far more synergistic combination.

Powerful ingredients found in Green Tea Extracts in Dexaprine

The main star of the green tea extract is Theophylline. It is a methylxanthine derivative that can increase the cAMP of the body. As a substance, it can greatly increase the amount of glucagon and adrenaline. The hormone glucagon is no stranger in bodybuilding. It is responsible for telling the adipose tissues or fats to release their fat stores. Fat has greater energy compared to carbohydrates. At 9 kilojoules or kcal per gram, fat exceeds the 4 kilojoules or kcal per gram of carbohydrates. This is what gives Dexaprine users boosts of energy throughout the day.

Some say that the lipolysis activity might do damage to the body because of the rapid oxidation process. This is where other ingredients in the green tea extracts found in Dexaprine comes into play.

Active ingredients such as the green catechins or polyphenols and flavonols actually counteract the oxidation of fats with more to spare to clean the body from free radicals. You might have heard of EGCG or epigallocatech gallate in bodybuilding. Its presence in Dexaprine will help you burn fats safer, longer.

How does Green Tea Extract Aid in Fat Loss?

Burn your Fats

As previously stated, green tea extract Theophylline stimulates the production of Glucagon and Adrenaline. Two hormones that are powerful fat burners. There are also different substances found in the extract that actually helps in fat loss.

First there’s the decreased stimulation of the pancreatic enyme Lipase. Without Lipase, dietary fat remain in the digestive system and excreted by the body. Finally, COMT or catechol-O-methyl transferase inhibition also occurs. COMT is responsible for degrading the hormones dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine. Without COMT the 3 hormones will reach optimum levels thereby causing thermogenesis!

All of these say only one thing, you’re going to burn more fats with the theophylline-COMT inhibition found in Green Tea Extracts! With this potent fat burner and antioxidants, no wonder iForce Dexaprine is the tops!


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