How to Take Dexaprine

If you’re still new to stimulants and want to know how to take Dexaprine then you’ve come to the right page. We’ve collected a lot of user reviews, own experience and Dexaprine instructions from iForce Nutrition to teach you how to take Dexaprine safely.

In short, the one thing you need to know is to start with HALF a pill and don’t touch any other stimulants – not even coffee! It’s that strong!

Understanding what Dexaprine Is

Dexaprine is a potent energy stimulant / fat burner supplement. It contains several plant extracts that cause various effects on the body. However, due to its stimulant behavior, it’s necessary that you know how to take Dexaprine without hurting yourself.

Several ingredients such as Caffeine Anhydrous and Theophylline give much of its stimulant effect. Other ingredients like Raowulfia Serpentina, Acacia Rigidula and Citrus Aurantium contain powerful stimulants that can last for several hours or more, and are seriously unlike anything else you’ve ever tried.

How to Take Dexaprine – Dosages

Although the label says that one serving equals one cap, many users have sent their reviews about their own Dexaprine dosages.

They all say one thing, start with half a cap!

We’re serious with this! Dexaprine is so powerful that many experienced bodybuilders who have gone through a lot of stimulants still say that half a cap is more than enough to jolt you. It is also beneficial as most bodybuilders recommend starting with a low dose when starting stimulants.

Trust us, you’re going to like what you get from half a cap. After a week or two, you can consider moving to the standard label dosage.

How to Take Dexaprine – Cycling and Resting Phase

how to take dexaprine

Learning How To Take Dexaprine

Another way of taking Dexaprine is to know how to cycle Dexaprine. Starting with half a cap, you can choose a cycle phase that fits your needs.

  • Daily dose – Ideal for professional bodybuilders or for the serious bodybuilder. Take only half a cap at first. Cycle for two months only and then take a rest for one month before beginning again. If you’re on several stimulants, alternate them every day but still take some time off after two months.

  • 3 to 4 times a week – You can take a half a cap dosage of Dexaprine for two months then take 2 weeks off. Go for another two months and then take a whole month off and repeat the cycle.

  • Casual use– Many users have plenty of energy and only take Dexaprine when they need it. It’s great to have just when you need it – like an odd work shift or when the kids didn’t let you sleep all night. This will allow you to take Dexaprine without cycling.That said, you can’t be mixing it with other stimulants! If you’re not feeling anything, then you might need a stim break or more importantly, should check your diet or get more sleep.

iForce Nutrition already included general instructions in Dexaprine bottles. However since everyone is unique, it might take some trial and error for you to know how to take Dexaprine. It’s always easiest to start with a small dosage – half a pill – you can always take more tomorrow. So follow the guidelines and enjoy burning that fat and watch the scale go down to your ideal body weight!

How to Take Dexaprine – With a Proper Diet

The first thing we have to mention before you take Dexaprine is to have a proper diet. Remember, stimulants make you move longer without feeling tired, but perhaps its best if you “treat the cause and not the effect” – you are likely tired because your diet is not up to par.

Not to worry – we have a free diet and training e-book on this site that can get you going. Furthermore, exercise and activity releases a lot of free radicals that can damage your cells. This can be remedied by eating natural food. You can check the Dexaprine Diet page on the type of food you need to eat while on Dexaprine.

How to Take Dexaprine – Supplement Stacking

There are many ways that you can take Dexaprine. Many bodybuilders develop “stacks” when taking stimulants like Dexaprine. Stacking simply means you are taking several supplements at the same time. These supplements are not usually stimulants. Some of them can be multivitamins, protein supplements or more.

Recommended Dexaprine Stack

We have an entire stack page that you should definitely check out if you’d like to mix in some other stimulant-free fat-burning supplements, as well as general health products. This includes the following:

  • Fat-Burner with Stimulants: iForce Nutrition Dexaprine
  • Multivitamin: Controlled Labs Orange Triad
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids / Fish Oil: iForce Nutrition Fish Oil
  • Branched-Chain Amino Acid (BCAAs): iForce Nutrition Compete or Scivation Xtend
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid: Primaforce MAX CLA
  • Protein Powder: iForce Nutrition Protean
  • Pre-Workout PUMPS (optional): iForce HEMAVOL
  • Testosterone Support (optional): iForce Intimidate
  • Creatine Monohydrate (optional): iForce Creaplex

As you can see, some of the supplements focus on replenishing and protecting your muscles. What’s the use of having a stimulant that burns both fat and muscle? Dexaprine targets fat only but over-exercising without proper diet (or the BCAAs mentioned above) will always take its toll on your muscles. Multivitamins and other supplements should be there to minimize the effects of this catabolism, the opposite of anabolism or growth. When you burn fats you also release ketone bodies and free radicals. A well-nourished body will be able to shrug these off without any trouble.

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  1. Piere

    September 17, 2013 at 4:05 am

    Good advice. Too much rubbish going around about the original dangerous version. Helps settle the nerves

  2. Alina

    March 5, 2014 at 4:40 am

    Tell me please how to take this pill?
    Before breakfast on the empty stomack? or after breakfast?or before trainig?
    For the best results offcource
    I want to loose my weight
    Thank u

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