Citrus Aurantium

An important fruit for weight loss that has been taking the nutrition industry by storm is the Citrus aurantium. It is also known as “bitter orange”, and it came from mixing Citrus maxima and Citrus reticulata. This fruit has many uses such as a food product, fragrance, home remedies and of course, weight loss.

Citrus aurantium – Herbal Stimulant and Weight Loss Ingredient

The fruit of Citrus aurantium has been used as a medicinal herb in China for decades. This has led some nutritionist to try the medical benefits of the bitter orange to help control weight gain.

It was in 1999 that Colker et Al. discovered the weight loss effects Citrus aurantium. The test group that received the bitter orange supplements showed a marked decrease in fat mass. Fueled by the success of Colker, the Department of Physiology, Medicine and Pathology in Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, USA studied the effects of Citrus aurantium in depth. Published in 2002, the study was named as “Citrus aurantium as a Thermogenic, weight-reduction replacement for ephedra: an overview”. According to the study, USA was suffering from an increase in overweight and obese individuals. Pharmaceutical companies tried to keep up and produced several weight loss drugs but most had severe side effects. They concluded that the Citrus aurantium can be a viable substitute for ephedra.

The uses of Citrus aurantium

As a food product, many Southern Indian cuisine use the unripe fruit of the bitter orange. They call the unripe fruit as narthangai and it contains a lot of flavor. The fruit can also be pickled by stuffing it with salt. Usually the pickle can be enjoyed with thayir sadam, a yoghurt rice recipe.

The ripe fruit is also enjoyed in cooking. Named as pachadis, the juice of the ripe fruit has many uses. Mainly, the juice makes an excellent marinade for meat. The peel or zest is also useful as an ingredient in popular liquors such as the Belgian Witbier or white beer. Nordic mulled wine called glogg also has bitter orange peels in it. Gingerbread can also be made using bitter orange zest.

How is Citrus aurantium better than Ephedra?

To bodybuilders, Ephedra was a magical drug that had great weight loss properties. However, months after it was released in the market, several deaths occurred. Authorities found that Ephedra was cause of the deaths. Since then, Ephedra was banned and the bodybuilding world had to look for a safer and better weight loss supplement.

As a supplement, the Citrus aurantium almost matched the effects of Ephedra as proven by the study of Colker. A compound found in the unripe fruit of Citrus aurantium was identified and isolated. It was called Synephrine.

In a separate study by Stohs et Al. they published the effects of Synephrine or p-Synephrine titled “Effects of p-Synephrine alone and in Combination with Selected Bioflavonoids on Resting Metabolism, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate and Self-Reported Mood Changes”. The randomized double-blinded placebo control study they did was able to determine that Synephrine found in Citrus aurantium was able to increase basal metabolic rate thus leading to weight loss.

As a weight loss drug, Synephrine has almost the same effects of ephedra or ephedrine. Although ephedra could be used to produce the illegal drug called amphetamines, Synephrine was unsuitable for conversion due to its phenolic group.

Similarities of Synephrine With Ephedrine and Other Compounds

Similarities of Synephrine With Ephedrine and Other Compounds (Click to Enlarge)

Citrus aurantium – Synephrine and its Benefits

iForce Dexaprine uses the extract of the immature fruit Citrus aurantium to obtain the potent Synephrine. The following benefits are as follows:

  • Increased Metabolic Rate
  • Lipolysis or Fat break down
  • Themogenesis
  • Decreased appetite

One advantage Synephrine has over ephedra is that it is less toxic and less likely to cause cardiac problems associated with ephedrine abuse.

Is Citrus aurantium good for you?

As with most supplements, everything should be in moderation. Citrus aurantium contains powerful compounds not just Synephrine. It is highly suggested that you take iForce Dexaprine without another other stimulant such as those containing Citrus aurantium. Overdose and side effects may occur such as the ones listed below:

  • Increased Heart Rate
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Headache
  • Abdominal pain

Also stay away from Ephedra. However, with the fantastic weight loss benefits of Citrus aurantium in iForce Dexaprine, you will never need any other fat loss pill ever again.

As always, consult your doctor before beginning any diet or supplementation program. Don’t mix Dexaprine with any other stimulants — read the instructions and start with a small dosage (half a capsule) – it’s that strong. A free diet and training book is provided on this site, and that is the most important part of the process! Seek a doctor’s professional advice before mixing any supplement with prescription drugs.


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