Do I have to Cycle Dexaprine?

“Do I have to Cycle Dexaprine?”

We asked iForce Nutrition this question when we first encountered Dexaprine. Their question was a big YES.

So why is it important to cycle Dexaprine?

In order to answer that question, we have to understand what Dexaprine really is.

iForce Nutrition Dexaprine is a Stimulant

Dexaprine may contain a lot of natural ingredients from various plant sources; however it still has a lot of stimulant ingredients. Generally speaking, stimulants give a lot of effects. These are the main stimulating effects of Dexaprine:

  • Increase in Energy for 8 to 12 hours
  • Uplifting of Mood
  • Increase Focus and Mental Acuity
  • Increased Alertness and Reaction

The good thing about stimulants is that the effects aren’t subtle. When you take a stimulant like Dexaprine for example, you can expect a lot of effects after 5 to 15 minutes of taking it.

Why do Bodybuilders take stimulants like Dexaprine?

Dexaprine Drug Interactions

Also be Mindful of Mixing with other Supplements or Prescription Drugs – Speak to your Doctor!

If you’re a neophyte bodybuilder and have come to read this page, you know that stimulants are usually thermogenic with mood lifters that give an extra edge in losing weight and building muscle. Most bodybuilders use stimulants to keep their energy levels high while working out and dieting down while calories are “below maintenance”.

This means that you won’t feel “tired” while working out, or when on this at all. Stimulants wash away fatigue and keep it at bay for several hours. Just imagine plowing through the gym for 3 to 4 hours without feeling a bit tired. Unfortunately, stimulants also have several side effects. One main side effect is tolerance.

Tolerance is the main reason why you should cycle Dexaprine. When you develop a tolerance for a particular stimulant, it means that you won’t get the same “buzz” when taking it. This necessitates you to take a larger dose each use. Again, once you take a larger dose, the faster your tolerance level goes up.

How to Avoid Tolerance – The Proper way to Cycle Dexaprine

There are many ways to cycle stimulants. It depends on the type of stimulant you take and how often you need to use it. Most of the Dexaprine directions can be found printed on each bottle. If don’t have one yet, here are a several of tips on how to cycle Dexaprine:

  • Be stimulant free before starting Dexaprine – Most bodybuilders highly recommend that you lay off stimulants if you plan to shift to another one. The biggest problem that most bodybuilders encounter when shifting to another stimulant is immediate tolerance. This means that you got used to a high dosage of your previous stimulant and when you take Dexaprine or any other stimulants, they won’t have any effect at all!

  • Start with a low dose of Dexaprine – Most users recommend starting with half a cap on your first try. A lot of reviews report that half a cap already packs quite a punch!

  • For daily stimulant use – Cycle Dexaprine every two months with one month off. Do not go three months straight without any rest! Follow Dexaprine instructions found on the bottle label if you want to use it every day.

  • For 3-4 times or weekly use – Cycle Dexaprine for 2 months then take 2 weeks off. On your 4th month take a 4 week off from Dexaprine.

  • Sporadic use – Not really called cycling as you take Dexaprine when you need it. Advantageous for many who have great diets and are typically high energy, but only occasionally just don’t feel energetic or didn’t get enough sleep for whatever reason. This is for people who aren’t on other stimulants! Dexaprine is great to have around if you have kids, make long drives, or have irregular work schedules that require occasional off-duty hours. You WILL stay up when needed.

When you take time off, remember to go ALL OFF. Don’t take any stimulants during your resting phase. It will just keep your tolerance level up making your resting phase useless.

Why is it important to cycle Dexaprine or other stimulants?

Tolerance is just half of the problem with stimulant usage. The other half of the problem is stimulant addiction. You begin to crave stimulants and can’t move without it. Most of the time it’s psychological addiction or it’s just a feeling that you need it all the time.

But it’s tolerance – both mental but more importantly physical – that is the real problem. And you must combat it so that your norepinephrine receptors can get back to normal and exhibit proper behavior, rather than continually loading them with PEA.

To conclude, iForce Nutrition recommends that you follow a cycling method. You can cycle Dexaprine using the methods listed above. If you plan to take more stimulants in your stack, you might need to modify your dosage or shorten the time you need to take them.

Remember, everything in moderation, and that includes Dexaprine too. For use only with a proper diet and doctor’s supervision and approval.

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