Feeling down with your struggle to reach your ideal body weight? iForce Dexaprine has the right stuff that will make you grin while losing weight. Phenylethylamine or simply phenethylamine (PEA) is a compound found in every Dexaprine pill. That’s right, this natural monoamine alkaloid or trace amine is made up of powerful psychoactive stimulants guaranteed to lift your mood while losing weight safely.

Where did PEA come from?

A lot of you may have wondered what Phenylethylamine is. It’s actually a group of compounds classified as psychoactive stimulants. Most of these compounds are found naturally in chocolate from the Kakao or Cocoa plant. Widely cultivated in Europe and Asia, chocolate has been called the “food of the gods” for its bitter, rich flavor. In ancient times Chocolate lifted the mood, enhanced the sexual drive and more. Many classed it as an aphrodisiac. Chocolate is obtained by processing the beans of the Kakao or Cocoa plant. The processing keeps the Phenylethylamine intact.

In 1983, Michael Liebowitz wrote in his book “Chemistry of Love” that Chocolate was loaded with PEA hence the mood lifting effects occurring. In fact, one of the feelings given by chocolate was love which is why many have named it as the “Chocolate theory of Love”.

Acacia rigidula

Acacia rigidula – Natural Source of Phenylethylamine (PEA)

Another important source of PEA is the Acacia rigidula. It’s a tree from the legume family. Several compounds of PEA are found in the Acacia rigidula chiefly N,N-dimethylphenethylamine, and N,N-dimethyl-A-methylphenethylamine. iForce uses the extract from Acacia rigidula for various reasons.

What can Phenylethylamine from Acacia rigidula do and Why is it better that chocolate pea?

There is a distinct advantage using Acacia rigidula as a source of the ingredient Phenylethylamine or PEA. As a stimulant, it helps the body release norepinephrine and dopamine. PEA has been studied by various groups for a very long time. One of the findings strongly suggests that PEA promotes increase in energy and improves mood. Previously many research linked low PEA levels to depression, weakness, tiredness and sluggishness.

As a mood enhancer, Dexaprine users will enjoy burning fat and working out. This is important because not enough of these neurotransmitters can make for a less-motivated mood, which nobody wants! Demotivated dieters tend to quit even before breaking a sweat, and that doesn’t help. Another study showed that the body actually uses up PEA during exercise. A study by Szabo et. Al. showed that men who exercised excreted PEA in the urine as Phenylacetic acid. As the PEA dropped in the body so did the mood of the test subjects.

So what’s all of that mean? It means you take Dexaprine, get a great blast of a great mood from PEA, then you keep the good mood longer term by working out and getting those endorphins going!! Furthermore Acacia rigidula has several other compounds that will multiply the effect of PEA!

Another important function of PEA is the increase in mental acuity. As it stimulates the release of various neurotransmitters in the brain, you’ll find yourself focusing more, thinking faster and acting better. Instead of taking dangerous medications to make you focus on your workout, PEA has less toxic effects that won’t interfere with your body. The natural increase of dopamine as stimulated by PEA will lead to an improved mood while reducing hunger pangs.

Acacia Rigidula compound Phenylethylamine Found in Dexaprine

As previously stated, PEA is a group of compounds that are psychoactive stimulants. Some of these stimulants are weak while others are too strong to be of use. That’s why iForce Dexaprine used the source Acacia rigidula for their PEA. The compounds found in every tablet are chiefly N,N-dimethylphenethylamine, and N,N-dimethyl-A-methylphenethylamine. Both of which may have psychologic effects similar to that of amphetamines (but far weaker, so don’t worry) but are significantly less toxic as well.

But PEA has a Short Half Life… How to Make it Last?

One problem is that PEA has such a short half-life in your body. This is because it is destroyed by the MAO, or Monoamine oxidase, in your brain. This is standard brain activity – it does not want too much PEA for too long.

However, in order to prevent too early metabolization of the PEA, iForce included other compounds found in Acacia rigidula as well. One such compound that is in Acacia rigidula is hordenine, which actually a mild, natural MAO Inhibitor. We are not fully sure if this has been extracted for in Dexaprine, but if it is, it explains why the great feeling lasts so much longer in Dexaprine than it does when just taking PEA alone.

Warning to Prescription Drug Users

acacia rigidula

Always Consult Your Doctor!

This brings up a major issue though. ANYTIME you are about to change your diet or take a supplement, especially one as intense as Dexaprine, you must seek a doctor’s approval. You should NEVER mix this with prescription drugs unless under a doctor’s direct supervision.

The reason is that if you are taking MAO inhibitors, such as those found in some antidepressants, the PEA may stick around far too long, and cause damage in your brain (too much dopamine for too long). If there is a bit of hordenine acting as a MAO inhibitor from the Acacia rigidula in Dexaprine, that is plenty. Taking any more of ANY MAO inhibitor may be extremely dangerous and is not recommended. You must seek a doctor’s consent if you are on any prescription drugs whatsoever! We are not doctors and cannot assist you with this.

As stated again, PEA acts similarly like a mild amphetamine. This might scare a lot of people thinking they’d be addicted to it. However, a study published in 1996 by the Journal of Neuropsychiatry Clinical Neuro Science shows that phenylethylamine doesn’t have tolerance issues as compared to amphetamine.

With iForce Dexaprine’s Phenylethylamine from Acacia Rigidula, you will be making the right choice to burning fats easier, faster and happier, assuming you use it only as directed and have a clean diet.


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