Rauwolscine is an effective ingredient in iForce Dexaprine, the most potent energy and fat burning pill on the market. It is a relatively new compound but already it has been touted as the best replacement for Yohimbine, which has been banned in countries such as Canada and Australia.

What is Rauwolscine doing in iForce Dexaprine?

Basically, Rauwolscine is a type of indole alkaloid. It is primarily a stimulant of potent degree classified as Central Nervous System (CNS) stimulant. Other studies also site aphrodisiac and anaesthetic effects. The compound can be harvested from Rauwolfia serpentina (Rauvolfia serpentina), a flowering plant of the Apocynaceae family that can be found typically in South and East Asia.

As an ingredient, Rauwolscine has been included in many weight loss pills and supplements. It bears resemblance to another alkaloid called Yohimbine. Technically, Rauwolscine is a stereoisomer of Yombine. Though it possesses the same chemical structure as Yohimbine, there are differences in the placements of a couple of molecules here and there.

Rauwolscine for Weight Loss

The ingredient is classified as alpha-2 antagonist. Basically, there are two types of receptors that are important to weight loss. The beta receptors, especially beta 2 and 3, cause lipolysis or the burning of fats. That’s why most of the ingredients in iForce Dexaprine focus on naturally stimulating Beta receptors. However, the opposite of the Beta receptors in the body are the Alpha receptors. Alpha receptor stimulation prevents the release of norepinephrine and blocks the breakdown of fats in adipose tissues.

Yohimbine was one of the first products found in the market as an alpha-2 antagonist. Many body builders started using it to block alpha-2 receptor stimulation. Once blocked, the body would be able to release more norepinephrine. Another benefit to blocking the alpha-2 receptors with another alpha-2 antagonist is that Rauwolscine prevents the formation of new fat tissues! Losing weight will be easier if your body can’t make excess adipose tissues.

As an aphrodisiac, Rauwolscine causes relaxation of the minor corpora cavernosa smooth muscle. This can be useful for bodybuilders who developed erectile dysfunction following abusive use of anabolic steroids. Anaesthetic effects occur with the increase of various biochemical such as norepinephrine.

iForce Dexaprine – Rauwolscine as an Alpha-2 receptor Antagonist for Fat Loss

The best thing about Rauwolscine is that it doesn’t stimulate Beta receptors. Instead it focuses more in disabling alpha receptors. There are other ingredients in iForce Dexaprine that stimulate Beta receptors to trigger increased lipolysis such Theophylline or Synephrine.

The body is full of alpha-2 receptors. For men, alpha-2 receptors are typically found in the abdominal area. For women, alpha-2 receptors are found in the glutofemoral (glutes) or butt area. Again, stimulating alpha-2 receptors can cause fat formation and blocks lipolysis. Just imagine Rauwolscine disabling alpha-2 receptors the abdomen and glutes! Men will see a marked decrease in abdominal fat and women will have less fat in the hips! Another great advantage for blocking alpha-2 receptors is an increase of blood flow to areas with alpha-2 receptors. If blood can reach adipose tissues plus the beta receptor stimulation of iForce Dexaprine, oxygen and water can aid in lipolysis. The body can then carry the dissolved fats away from the adipose tissues so that it can be used as an energy source!

Rauwolscine Side Effects

Unlike its cousin the Yohimbine, Rauwolscine doesn’t cause anxiety and panic attacks. In fact, some studies, mild to moderate dosages of Rauwolscine didn’t produce side effects compared to Yohimbine. Several studies also showed that Rauwolscine didn’t raise the resting blood pressure as compared to Yohimbine.

Still, the increase of norepinephrine will mean a lot of sleepless nights if taken too late in the day/evening. That’s a given for any stimulant! You can avoid this side effect by timing your dosage and by using it during day time. If you are a night person or work out at night, Rauwolscine will be a great help.

However, Rauwolscine is contraindicated to the people with the following health history:

  • High blood pressure
  • Incidences of stroke
  • Liver problems
  • Kidney disease
  • Thyroid disorders and diseases
  • Anemia
  • Diabetes mellitus

All Natural Rauwolscine Source – Rauwolfia serpentina

If you have any of the following diseases, do contact your doctor and see if Rauwolscine is right for you.  Also avoid drinking other supplements that are alpha receptor antagonists. Even with the moderate dosage of Rauwolscine found in iForce Dexaprine, drinking other alpha receptor antagonist will cause overdose reactions. As with most weight loss supplements and stimulants, you may develop tolerance issues. One way to avoid the problem is cut the dosage or rest a few days or even weeks.

Each pill of iForce Dexaprine contains a standardized dose of Rauwolscine from Rauwolfia Serpentina. Enjoy the benefits of increased fat loss in thighs, stomachs, glutes and other hard to reach places!

When taking Dexaprine, see the free diet and training e-book on the right side of the page. As always, consult your doctor before starting any diet or supplementation program, especially if on prescription drugs, many of which should not be mixed with dietary supplements. Do not mix Dexaprine with any other stimulant-based products (including coffee), and start with a light dosage of just half a pill!


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